Interview with digital branding and marketing guru Pam Brossman

Every Friday I profile a speaker on my blog and invite them to share their experiences and insights with us. Please say hello to Pam Brossman.

What topics do you speak on?
Digital Marketing
Digital Branding
Page Flip Marketing

[digital media] Digital Communications
Millionaire Attitude

What tips do you have for beginner speakers who want to improve?
– Make sure you understand your market’s needs, wants, pains and desires and that you can connect with them on an emotional level.
– Unless your topic is an emotional one, make your speaking fun and engaging
– Always interact with your audience don’t just talk to them
– Use stories and analogies to share your message, people remember the stories more than the strategies
– Always dress for success and stand out and be different – the WOW factor is important
– Have fun!

Are you a member of speaking organisations?
I am a member of Voxy Ladies Speaking Bureau for Women

What was your biggest disaster on the platform and how did you handle it?
Biggest disaster: I knocked over the lecturn off the stage while speaking to over 200 people. I laughed it off and kept going and people thought it was hilarious and part of the show – phew!

Have you written a book or created other related products?
I just launched my brand new book called ‘Your Millionaire Attitude’ which teaches women how to think bigger and operate in all areas of their life with a ‘success mindset’. It has been very well received on Amazon globally. I am also contributing author to 5 other books including Ms Millionaire, PurseStrings, The Relationship Age, Power of 100 and soon to be released Social Wealth Secrets.

When is your next speaking gig?
My next speaking gig is this Tuesday for Kaliber Events and then I have my own Video Marketing Workshop 2nd week of March. I also ran my own SheConnect event 28th Feb so I keep myself busy.

How can people get in touch with you?
People can find out more about my book at or they can visit my website


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