About Heather Smith

Heather Smith can help your business deliver powerful, engaging and educational content, through guest blog posts, educational instructions, video creation, podcasts, and social media blasts. She hosts the #1 independent Cloud Stories podcast Cloud Stories, authored Xero for Dummies, produces easy to follow videos on her YouTube channel and hosts the Cloud Accountants and Advisors Meetup and Xero Mastermind Facebook group. As a chartered accountant and chartered certified accountant and certified Xero & MYOB software advisor she has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to talk about your business solution to the accounting and bookkeeping community.

What is a Xero Cloud Service Provider?

As a Xero Cloud Service Provider my objective is to implement an integrated online business platform for the client. An optimal rollout relieves administrative burden, enabling the business to access timely and accurate insights into their operations. As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) I:- Whiteboard clients business processes. Identify stresses, bottlenecks, repetition and manual intervention. [...]

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Podcast: Cloud Stories – Exploring the Xero universe and beyond

I host an online podcast show called Cloud Stories: an independent accounting and bookkeeping podcast showcasing in depth interviews with Xero cloud enthusiasts & appaholics from around the world. A podcast is like a radio programme on the Internet that can be listened to on a media device. The Cloud Stories podcast vision The vision for [...]

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YouTube and video creation

I always wanted to be the next David O.Selznick so I’ve combined my passion for the cinema with my passion for helping people in business and I’ve created numerous easy-to-follow educational videos which you can access on my YouTube channel. I invite you to click through and subscribe https://www.youtube.com/ANISEConsulting Here's links to a few examples [...]

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Take ownership of your business journey

It’s beneficial for small businesses to hold an annual strategy meeting. On the surface it sounds like a huge undertaking. But if you break it down –it can seem less daunting. A strategy meeting is an opportunity to take time out of the business and reflect on what’s happening in the business, to review internal [...]

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Connecting HealthKit to Xero

In February'16 Alison Hardacre co-founder of HealthKit presented at the Brisbane Xero Mastermind meetup group. This is the written overview I was given about Healthkit which perhaps help explain it better than I can: For practitioners, HealthKit is the first practice management software customized to any practitioner of any profession in any country in the world. HealthKit doesn't [...]

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22 Reasons for small businesses to invest in Xero training

If you’re a business operator and Xero is or will be the core accounting solution used in your business, here are twenty two reasons why I think it’s smart to invest in Xero training for your staff in 2016: Training in Xero gives staff the tools & knowledge to be productive Training in Xero ensures [...]

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12 Reasons to invest in Xero training

If you find yourself here reading this – you’ve probably heard about Xero. Xero is a popular online accounting solution used by many businesses in Australia and beyond. As an early adopter, I’ve been training people in how to optimise Xero in their business for many years now (I even wrote the book!). Last year [...]

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Nine reasons why you should create and give away an e-Books and sixty free e-books

Creating and giving away an eBooks has many benefits for your business: An e-book gets your ideas into someone else’s hands. An e-book increases exposure and awareness of your business in the community. An e-book enables blogs and online communities to share and promote your e-book for you An e-book is an opportunity to collect contact [...]

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