Content writing about cloud inventory solutions: TradeGecko

I'm a regular guest on the TradeGecko blog producing intelligent, contemporary articles on inventory, that assist accountants and bookkeepers adopt easy strategies for increasing their income while supporting the inventory function of their client. In addition to writing these articles, I promote them via social media platforms, and drop links into relevant forum conversations. Useable [...]

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VIDEO: 2 hours of Xero Payroll Training free

I've uploaded two hours of Xero Payroll training videos. They are easy to follow yet comprehensive and brimming with information. Topics covered in Setting up Xero Payroll: Australian Users video include: Setting up the Payroll Setting up Employees Setting up PayTemplates Defining Reports Layouts Tracking in Payroll Topics covered in Running a Xero Payroll / Pay Run: Australian [...]

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5 things you need to know about the Debtor Tracking solution Satago

There are a number of Debtor Tracking solutions that connect beautifully with Xero. I’m gradually working my way around testing all of them. Satago came across my radar when Steven Renwick was letting people know he was coming out for Sydney Xerocon – and had free blue sunnies to give away. These sunnies are now a must [...]

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Training Videos to help you educate and empower the Xero community

I’m excited to let you know I’ve been working with the phenomenal Xero U team – to produce educational videos. Drawing on my inner Steven Spielberg I’ve been writing scripts, recording audio and capturing screen demonstrations. Then I package it up and the extraordinary team at Xero U take my creation and magically tweak it [...]

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Writing opportunities

If you’re a blogger with a speciality, you might want to consider listing yourself on https://www.sidekicker.com.au/ https://www.odesk.com/ https://www.elance.com/ I spoke with a friend at a local PR firm, and she said they had a budget of $750 per 350 word blog post for someone with “a unique business expertise”. She said the first place they [...]

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Analysis of the Xero International Add-On Market Place

Xero add-ons are kind of like apps for your iPhone. The add-ons plugs into Xero extending the functionality of the cloud based business solution. In this simple analysis, I counted the number of available solutions, by both Industry and Category across the counties Xero is offered in. Note: You used to be able to filter [...]

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How to un-archive a system account in Xero

Setting the scene: My accountant uses SAGE HandiSoft to process my businesses tax. We mapped all the account codes in the business Xero file to the SAGE Handisoft accounts he uses; I exported my data out of Xero and into his solution. Advisor>Export>Sage HandiLedger I use multi-currency which automatically creates 3 accounts:- 497 Bank Revaluations [...]

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I’m a bookkeeper. I’m interested in learning Xero. Where can I start?

  I’m frequently approached by bookkeepers asking me where they should start learning Xero. My suggestion is to block out a short amount of time, every day in your calendar and work your way through the variety of Xero training opportunities available. When I started out I blocked out 15 minutes every day. Who doesn’t [...]

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