I just tweeted :- starting my 15 minute wordpress challenge where I try and improve my wordpress site in 15 minutes a day http://www.heather-smith.com.au/

 Then @snappysentences tried to distract me, with a function that we are going to tomorrow! LOL

I am going to try and set up a shop page.

I create a new page called shop, and set the preferences so it is the 6th page. This will be my product page.

 I turn off comments.

I have installed and activated the plug-in WordPress Simple Paypal Shopping Cart. I am not really sure how to get the plug-in to actually work in wordpress so reading the info.

I watch a simple video on what to do. I am guided to set up my product so I write ‘DUMMY! MYOB Multi-currency guide – including set-up, transactions, review of reports and explanation of all key terminology – $20.00’

The video was easy to follow. I need to do a bit more work here. I need to create a thank-you page.

You can see that http://www.heather-smith.com.au/shop/ I have added the item, but if you click on shopping cart the amount is $0 so need to work out what to do there! Ha ha.

Quite a successful 15 minutes! Hopefully I will get some time Sunday afternoon to finish it off.