Setting the scene: My accountant uses SAGE HandiSoft to process my businesses tax. We mapped all the account codes in the business Xero file to the SAGE Handisoft accounts he uses; I exported my data out of Xero and into his solution. Advisor>Export>Sage HandiLedger

I use multi-currency which automatically creates 3 accounts:-

497 Bank Revaluations
498 Unrealised Currency Gains
499 Realised Currency Gains
I needed the 499 Realised Currency Gains to be changed to ‘580’ however I was unable to edit the account – because it was archived and a system account. It seems somehow I stupidly managed to archive the three multi-currency accounts, and once they were archived – because they have the system lock associated with them they cannot be edited or un-archived.

To resolve this situation I had to go into my demo company and export the chart of accounts into csv format and trim it down so I just had the three multi-currency accounts.

I then had to go into my Xero file and export my own business chart of accounts, and add the three multi-currency accounts from the exported demo csv file.

Then in my Xero business file when I went to import the updated CSV file, Xero did not like the fact I had a live PayPal account – so I archived the PayPal account – imported my own business chart of accounts with the additional 3 lines – then un-archived the PayPal account.

Then I was able to change the account number of the Realised Currency Gains to 580, and my exported chart of accounts smoothly imported into SAGE HandiSoft.