Bulimba Mani Pedi

Any sort of grooming treatment involving someone else freaks me out a little. I am not sure how involved I need to be or whether I should just ignore it and let it happen.

Last week I went for a mani pedi at Touch of Grace Nail and Beauty Salon, Shop 2/142 Oxford Street. Bulimba, Qld 4171 just west of the Oxford 152 pub. I’ve been before – it’s been there five years and its now my regular!

The staff and ambience are always very pleasant. This visit around I sat back, wrote blog posts, and let them get on with it. Hopefully productive use of my time…

The salon does SHELLAC nails as opposed to GEL nails. In the past I have had gel nails – and it was an amazing experience to have your nails not chip for an extended period of time. They would look so professional and I’d find myself admiring them frequently.

So now I am visiting a beautician who prefers SHELLAC. I don’t like the sound of the word SHELLAC – it sounds a bit violent? But the treatment was very much the same as gel nails, and my nails did not seem as damaged when it was removed – but I do need to focus on upping my calcium to help them grow a bit longer.

I normally choose French nails manicure – that is white tips and a clear base. But now, perhaps because my hair is grey, I’m happy to grab a brighter colour – this time was CND Shellac TROPIX. Now it’s on, I would prefer a pinker or an orangier colour – but it’s not permanent so I can live with my coloured fingers dancing on the keyboards for a few weeks. My mani lasts about three weeks and my pedi lasts until my nails grow out.

I talked to the beautician about cloud solutions; she remarked while she thought they sounded like a good idea — she found it very hard to remember passwords.

Is remembering passwords something you ever have an issue with?

Personally I use LastPass to help me remember all my passwords. I log into LastPass every morning, and it then allows me to log into the other solutions such as Xero automatically. You can read this posting and watch this video that explains it: http://heathersmithsmallbusiness.com/2014/07/07/tips-optimise-working-browsers-using-xero/

You can see photos are much prettier with manicured nails.

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