If you’re using an MYOB solution at the moment and you’re keen to move across to Xero, but just thinking about the move is giving you a headache — I can help! I can work with you to set up Xero, move your existing business data across, and provide you with training in how to use Xero.

Scoping the conversion:

Once you decide you want to migrate to Xero if you’re working with me the first step in the process is for you to fill out and return a Client Form. Now if you’re even contemplating a move – contact me – so you can start working on the form. It starts you thinking about the questions you need to answer. It also helps both of us work through any issues we need to be aware of, and prepare you for the next stage.

Conversion Date:

If we opt to use a conversion service, the date here is not to important – it can be anytime. If we opt for a manual conversion I suggest you start with the nearest date to the beginning of a tax period, like the start of your financial year.

Historical data to be brought across into the Xero file:

There are two ways we can deal with your existing information.

Using a conversion service

I can assist you with using a conversion service to move to Xero. I tend to prefer using a conversion service, because it’s quicker, cheaper and two years of historical data comes across. If your MYOB file meets the criteria then this is an option. The MYOB file still needs to be prepared prior to the conversion and either you or I can do it. Once the file is ready the actual conversion is fast – I’ve had some up and running in a few hours – but the disclaimer is 5 working days. Once your business data is in Xero the data can be tidied as needed – there are some tricks I can show you to get this done fast.

The migration to Xero can include the following as you require;

Manual conversion

I can work with you to clean up your data, and start the file with clean information and conversion balances. If you need to look at the history – I ask you refer to your old accounting solution – as only data from the time of conversion is generally brought across. If you opt for this method I ask you to send me across current information (MYOB data file) you want imported into Xero. I extract and manipulate the data, and send it back to you in Excel Spreadsheet format for approval. The move from your existing system to a new system is a chance to detox your data, and editing in Excel Spreadsheet is super easy. Once you’ve approved the data you then send the updated Excel Spreadsheets back to me; I check and import the data.

The migration to Xero can include the following;

  • Add bank accounts and assisting with activation of feeds in Xero
  • Import approved contacts
  • Design and import approved Chart of Accounts
  • Dashboard customisation
  • Discuss management reporting needs and setup relevant tracking categories
  • Setup Xero invoice template
  • Define payroll settings and import employees
    [I provide you with a template I need completed]
  • Opening balances – once your accounts for the financial year have been finalised the full opening balances can be entered, in the meantime, I enter what you need to get started.
  • Invite users to access Xero

Xero Training to use the new system

While this is happening you could grab a copy of Xero for Dummies and jump in and start reading sections so you have an appreciation of how Xero will work for you. I tidy up various areas, give you access to the Xero file and then set-up training with you – you can read about the various Xero training options I offer here.

I’m then available as and when you need me.

How much will this cost? Setting up a Xero file for an existing business is charged at my standard hourly consultation rate because it’s difficult to assess from the outset how much time it will take and any obstacles I may encounter along the way. To minimise surprises I suggest you enter as much information as possible on the Client Form I provide, so I can discuss any potential issues with you. Also I work with you – so if there are parts of the process you want to do – I’m happy to give you guidance in how to do them. Or I can do it all and simply invite you in.

MYOB to Xero Conversions