If you’re a business operator and Xero is or will be the core accounting solution used in your business, here are twenty two reasons why I think it’s smart to invest in Xero training for your staff in 2016:

  1. Training in Xero gives staff the tools & knowledge to be productive
  2. Training in Xero ensures staff are able to complete tasks in the most efficient manner
  3. Efficiently Training staff in Xero means they have more time to help customers & generate sales revenue
  4. Training in Xero helps enhance staffs individual skills, so they’re in a better position to contribute to the overall success of an organisation
  5. Staff feel valued when Training is made available to them – invest in Xero Training
  6. Providing Training opportunities can increase staff retention – invest in Xero Training
  7. Training can help your staff feel comfortable using Xero software
  8. Training in Xero can helps your staff understand the big picture of how bookkeeping fits into the business
  9. Xero Training minimises errors – saving time – so you & your staff can get home earlier
  10. Training staff in Xero helps you stay ahead of the competition
  11. A business that offers Training – attracts quality talented staff – invest in Xero Training
  12. Training is a cost effective way to upskill staff – invest in Xero Training
  13. Specific task orientated Training improves productivity – invest in Xero Training
  14. Technical Training in Xero helps staff deliver management reports in a timely manner
  15. Training staff in Xero can increase retention & reduce turnover expense
  16. Training in Xero helps equip you to produce accurate accounts which may lead to reduced accounting bills!
  17. The expense of investing in Xero Training can be offset against improved productivity, reduced errors & accounting expenses
  18. Cross Training staff in Xero increases flexibility in the workplace
  19. Cross Training staff in Xero means work does not come to a halt when someone is away
  20. Training staff encourages the spread of knowledge in the business
  21. Business benefit long term from sending staff on short technical training courses
  22. Staff are better positioned to produce management reports that align to company goals with Xero Training

If you’d like to explore Xero training options for your staff, you can click through here to review my suggested options to suit any budget.

I look forward to meeting you on your Xero journey.

22 Reasons for small businesses to invest in Xero training