I’m celebrating 9000 YouTube subscribers and I thought as part of recognising this milestone, I should share some tips of how I got here.

  1. From a technical perspective I try to keep abreast of the changes and evolutions that come through the YouTube platform. Over the years that have been many changes and honestly, I’ve not had the capacity to absorb all of them, but I keep circling back to them.
  2. From a trend’s perspective, to my peril, I ignore the suggested current trend of short videos as people have limited attention span. Now I don’t fluff. I keep it tight but if a full explanation is needed then I won’t hold back.
  3. Saying that – I don’t have long intros. I aim to get straight to the point of what I’m talking about.
  4. I make sure the audio quality is excellent, so some of the earlier videos were not great.
  5. I actively encourage people to subscribe to the channel.
  6. I’m not sure if celebrating milestones will increase subscribers – but I post this at 9147 subscribers, and organically grow by about 130 every month, so in about 6 months, January I should see 10 000 subscribers. I’m not sure if Covid19 has impacted it though.
  7. I’m always learning and tweaking and refining.