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I’m sharing with you insights from my Accounting Apps Newsletter analytics. My vision for the personalised bi-weekly Accounting Apps newsletter is to provide an informative, educational resource that’s an efficient and easy read for anyone who wants to enhance their Accounting App knowledge. The newsletter showcases the best recent blog posts from the Accounting Apps community — using insights of your past behaviour, and predictive algorithms it personalises the bite-size chunks knowledge and insights delivered into your inbox. I think it’s beneficial for the people developing content to read through, and see what works well, and brainstorm how they can include them in their own content development. Swapping in key words into the blog posts, can switch the post to a topic that resonates with your audience.

Essentially I’ve split the insights into four groupings.

Top 25 Blog Posts — split between including and excluding clients

Top 12 Sources

Top 40 Topics — inspiration for your 2021 Content Strategy.

I’ve explained how the content is curated and how the lists are prepared towards the end. Let me know if I can answer any questions. I hope you find this information useful, and we all benefit from improved blogs.

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Top 25 including Client Blog Posts 2020

MinuteDock: The ultimate guide to time blocking: what it is and how it can benefit you

Practice Protect: Common scams during the covid-19 period

XBert: Xbert automatically finds duplicates and bookkeeping errors saving you time and money

FathomHQ: How milestone accounting launched in the middle of a pandemic

Etani: Dynamic custom automated power bi pdf emails

XBert: If your task management tool doesn’t actually reduce your manual tasks — you’re missing out

Float: 10 cloud apps to help your business get through covid-19

Float: Lattice career paths, shifting economies, and purposeful work: how accountants can leverage these trends

Chargebee: The secret to scaling your saas product with product led growth

DataDear: Take a copy of your xero data — datadear excel add in for xero

Microkeeper: Time theft | fix a common business money leak|-Fix-a-common-business-money-leak

Etani: Value based v timesheets — billing in accounting firms

Practice Protect: Accounting employee offboarding process — the 4 things you need to do to protect your data security

Syft: Free and affordable bookkeeping software

Microkeeper: Biometric fingerprint scanner faqs

MinuteDock: 10 time management methods to help you save time

FathomHQ: The advisory landscape in 2021

TOA Global: What is outsourced accounting and how can it help you?

Trello: How to spot the signs of team overwhelm (and what to do about it)

BGL Corporate Solutions: Audit software firm announces new integration with bgl

BGL Corporate Solutions: Bgl announces integration with changegps

Zahara: Zahara — working from home

Zapier: Small team? Here’s how to use automation to do more

BOMA Marketing: How do i reach more people on facebook? 15 ideas to grow your fans and followers

TOA Global: Creating your accounting firm people strategy: processes and tools

Top 25 excluding Client Blog Posts 2020

Syft: Free and affordable bookkeeping software

Zapier: Small team? Here’s how to use automation to do more.

Everhour: 14 quickbooks alternatives you need to know about

Panda Doc: 6 ecommerce digital marketing tricks to boost online sales

Process.St: The secret to it service management: the itil service lifecycle

Trello: How to spot the signs of team overwhelm (and what to do about it)

Calendly: Introducing workflows: your entire meeting lifecycle made easy

Trello: Better organize your day with this time management technique

Sendle: 4 valuable alternatives to discounting for building customer loyalty

Strategic Group: 5 reasons why you need a business continuity plan

Trello: The gigantic list of little trello tips

Integromat: Which time tracking apps take screenshots of your laptop?

Qlik: We don’t need a data warehouse. We have salesforce!

Tyro: How brisbane’s impressive dumplings changed up their business in a challenging environment

LivePlan: Webinar: cash andprofit forecasting for your smb clients

Zapier: Want to keep working from home? Here’s how to ask. Live transcribe zoom meetings with

Jirav: How to forecast ppp loans & working capital to nail cash flow projections with jirav

Zoho: Continue providing a comprehensive customer experience while going remote

Qlik: Data brilliant: why data makes you a better colleague?

Woocommerce: Shipping methods & fulfillment: everything you need to know

Process.St: 11 free templates to perfect your sales onboarding processes

Square Australia: These are the hottest features we’ve released recently

Zapier: Webinar: cash and profit forecasting for your SMB clients

Square Australia: How some businesses are adapting their product offerings

Top 12 Sources

Zapier, Zoho Corporation, Process Street, Employment Hero, Trello, Float Cash Flow Forecasting, Qlik, ZingHR, XBert — AI Audit & Process Automation, Integromat, BigCommerce, MinuteDock.

Top 40 Topics

Management, Business, Marketing, Small business, Customer service, Customer, Sales, Employment, Project management, Money, Accountancy, E-mail, Bookkeeping, Time, Team, Payment, Credit card, Accountant, Finance, Business intelligence, Strategic management, Cash flow, Invoice, Economics, Data, Project, Process management, Business terms, Future, The A-Team, Customer relationship management, Telecommuting, Business process management, Enterprise content management, Social media, Google, Data management, Receipt, Planning, Workflow.

Notes about how lists were curated

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