I just found out that the wonderful team at Float the cash flow forecasting solution have written a blog called naming Seven Australian Accountancy blogs that they love, and I was included in it.  Thank you so much to everyone at Float for including my blog in that I’m really appreciative of that, I spend a lot of time working on my blog, and hopefully, it is helpful to people, and I thought well to commemorate possibly not the right word to celebrate being included on your blog with seven of seven blogs I would give you seven tips for writing a blog.

First Tip: Use WordPress and have a theme that adapts to a PC and mobile

Second Tip: Images

Ensure that you have good images in the blog, and you’re sharing good photos around the blog to attract people to read it.

Third Tip: Blog Titles

Have a good blog title. Something that is going to pique people’s interests and encourage them to click through. The blog title is really super important, so really spend time working on a blog title. Look around at the other blog titles you see and figure out what suits you and what will be appropriate. Sometimes they’re a bit longer than you actually anticipate they should be.

Fourth Tip: Open Sans font – easy to read

When I make my blog, I’m trying to make my blog very readable, and I use quite an open font. I use Open Sans and then and have it visually looking stunning.

Fifth Tip: Allow for thinking time to muse over the blog

When it comes to actually write the blog, make sure that you think about it, and a simple blog post may take hours of musing and pondering over it and jotting down points before it actually comes to fruition.  I just recently posted a blog post about home automation. It’s actually a collection of snippets I’ve posted over 2020, and I sort of pulled them all together and put them in this home automation blog, which is hopefully helpful for you.

Sixth Tip: Grammarly

I’m going to throw in some technology an app that I encourage you to take a look at.  Grammarly helps you with the  writing, checking that it’s all okay, checking punctuation, checking phrasing etc. finally, my

Seventh Tip: Australian Writers’ Centre

I have done numerous writing courses and have been part of mentorship at the Australian Writers Centre. I highly encourage if you are serious about writing that you look into something like that it doesn’t, unfortunately for many people naturally, happen for me, it has been a lot of work to bring my writing to the level that it’s at and also, I always encourage people to have an editor on hand for their writing, that’s important that’s going out there I work with several different editors I always say that I can frame the house, and the editor will come along and paint it and make it look good and I think that when it comes to putting the insightful observations or content together that’s what I’m good at I know my topic, but I might not be able to an editor can sometimes just come along and streamline it and make it look so much nicer.

Thank you so much again to Float for including me congratulations to everyone else who was included and there are many outstanding Australian accounting blogs out there so I would encourage I’ll put some in the notes below, but I would encourage anyone who has a blog that we should know about please drop them in the comments so we can again look at them and subscribe to them and while I’m mentioning subscribe I encourage you to sign up to the accounting apps newsletter and through that, you will always see any blog post that I’m writing about and that actually goes out twice a week so you’ll be kept up to date both about accounting apps news insights trends etc. and any additional blog posts that I put out on thank you so much to everyone at team Float for contributing to this and special note to Louise Bayley-Boyd, who pulled together this post it was a really a lovely surprise, and I’m very appreciative so thank you to everyone at the team Float.

Please note, you can read how I work with Float here, and I was unaware that they were writing this post.

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