Check and Store Employee Certification in Microkeeper

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Check and Store Employee Certification in Microkeeper | (Microkeeper)

While State and territory public health orders are continually being updated to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers might find themselves in a situation where it is a condition of employment for their workers to have received a (double) vaccination against COVID-19. In this situation, employees are required to provide evidence of their COVID-19 vaccination status to their employer.

Updates: Creating Better Alignment For Your Sales and Finance Teams | (Chargebee Blog)

Growth begets complexity. And no matter how much or how often we expound the beauties of “lean” and “agile”, that’s just the way it is. The simple three-word sales process that worked with SMBs might have to put on a suit, tie, and some weight in the middle when you take it to the enterprise. Engineering backlogs when you scribbled the first MVP on a napkin aren’t quite at the same level of complexity as designing the next update with 700 feature flags you need to tip-toe around. Read more about the updates and new releases here.

Measuring What Matters With Debtor Daddy’s New Filters | (DebtorDaddy)

Filters help you gain a much deeper insight into your late payers and take a more personalised approach and improve your collection results. Here are some examples of what you can do with filters. Happy filtering!

Superannuation Payment Deadline Looming? Stay on Top of Your Requirements Easily With XBert | (XBert)

Superannuation can be a time-consuming and complicated part of payroll. Also, Superannuation Liability Payments can be particularly problematic. For example, if an employee with omitted leave entitlements and has been paid salary or wages, you may be required to backdate and correct payroll and accrual journals to correctly report financial liabilities. Find out about more resources to help you here.

Maximising Workflow Automation in Your CRM to Shore Up Internal Processes | (Copper Chronicles)

Now, more than ever, finding ways to streamline and automate your business processes so you aren’t relying on the knowledge of one or two key employees becomes integral to operating without big interruptions. And while the directive may sound totally overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be. Using CRM and workflow automation can prepare you for whatever comes your way.

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