New: COVID-19 Reporting Comparative, Balance Sheet Forecast Audit, and Expanded Placeholders

Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 24th of October of 2021.

New: COVID-19 Reporting Comparative, Balance Sheet Forecast Audit, and Expanded Placeholders | (Fathom)

At Fathom, they are on a mission to empower those who have a deep care for business and its people by providing the insights for informed decisions. This month, they are excited to introduce updates to help drive this decision-making with all-new reporting comparatives, and more ways to use cash flow forecasting data in reporting. So now you have even more insightful data at your fingertips!

Leveraging Technology: Standing Out From Your Competition and Saving Money | (Heather Smith)

I’m sharing with you a panel discussion on the topic ‘Leveraging technology: Standing out from your competition and saving money’ produced by the Accounting & Finance Show Malaysia 2021. During the session, some of the aspects we discussed were how Border restrictions pushed businesses to the cloud and a borderless environment and how they attract multi-generational businesses that have traditional parents and innovative children, among others. Listen to our expert panellists today! 

Tips to Find Project Management Software for Large Projects | (Work Guru)

Do you work on large projects that last months or years, or perhaps cost hundreds of thousands to complete? Having the right project management software can be crucial to make sure they are completed thoroughly and are making your business money. While the right solution might differ depending on what you create, there are a few features that your project management software should have to manage large projects.

Key Automation Statistics for 2021 | (Dokka)

“Time is Money” – In today’s fast-paced era of digitization, businesses are in a constant game of optimizing their workflow and manual task through automation of processes. The most important fact here is that automation is not merely a need but is becoming a must for any successful workplace. There is no doubt, when looking at the latest trends and automation statistics, that automation saves time and helps eliminate human errors by multiplying the efficiency of tasks multi-folds.

Education Project Management Software (Guide) | (Starting Point)

Education project management software can transform learning experiences. Before the use of software, educational teams collaborated in meetings rooms and teacher lounges, and student reports were sent home to parents in crisp brown envelopes. Those days are gone. Times are changing and educators now have a wide range of digital collaboration tools to choose from.

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