Weekly Report (w/c 7.11.2021) From November the 7th to the 14th.

Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 7th of November of 2021.

Five Accounting Firms, One Tool, Greater Engagement | (Boma)

There’s been an undeniable shift in the accounting industry. While the fundamental concepts arguably remain the same, technology has introduced unlimited opportunities – everything from cloud-based systems and tools to digital marketing strategies. The BOMA team spoke to five accounting firms – ranging from one-woman shows to teams of 20 – about their digital marketing, and how using BOMA has helped them support their clients.

How We Are Enhancing Inventory Management in Xero | (Xero Blog)

If you run a small, goods-based business, you’ll know that managing inventory well is critical to your success. But as the number and complexity of eCommerce channels continue to increase, and customer preferences continue to evolve, it can be overwhelming to manage inventory across multiple online and bricks and mortar stores. This can make it hard to understand the true cost and demand of your products. That’s why the Xero team has acquired LOCATE Inventory (LOCATE), a cloud-based inventory management provider based in the US. 

Airbnb Investing: An accounting Guide for Airbnb Income in QuickBooks | (Bnbtally)

This is an accounting guide for those who own one or more Airbnb investment properties. Airbnb investing is a business model where an operator purchases one or more properties and offers them on Airbnb for the purpose of building equity much faster than a traditional rental business. In this guide,  Bnbtally is focusing on accounting for all income received by Airbnb from an investor perspective, including how to automate Airbnb revenue accounting using QuickBooks.

Turn Emails Into Tasks and Clients Notes With XBert Workflows | (XBert)

Your workdays are frantic, and you probably use several different tools for productivity, collaboration, bookkeeping, and client management. Continually switching from one tool to another is not just time-consuming, it can be prone to error. Things are easily missed, and there’s no single, neat audit trail should you require it. That’s why XBert’s upgraded email integration. Using tasks in XBert makes managing your clients, your books, your team, and your bookkeeping or accounting workflow a breeze – even on the go!

Data-Driven Decisions | (BGL Corporate Solutions)

You’ve put your Customer Experience Strategy out into the atmosphere and now your team and your business have the foundations set and completed your first step in becoming a CX guru! What happens next? You deep dive into understanding your clients, using Voice of Customer (VOC), Customer Insights and Understanding. Read and learn more when clicking on this article.

Which one of these articles has resonated with you the most this week? 

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