Here are the top five articles that subscribers of the Accounting Apps newsletter clicked on the most during the week commencing the 21st of November of 2021.

Celebrating the Bookkeeping Industry and Xero Award Winners and More | (Heather Smith)

For this episode of the Cloud Stories podcast, I bring you The Accounting Innovation and Technology Buzz: Current News, Trends and Analysis for the month of November. Trent McLaren (Head of the Accounting & Bookkeeping Channel at DiviPay) and I talk about awards, acquisitions, question the purpose of whitepapers, and discuss some trends that we’re seeing in the industry.

How Are You Leveraging Technology to Help Your Clients? – Andrew Erkins | (Fathom)

Effective customer service may be the ultimate key to boosting your business. When you leverage technology, that digital transformation will impact everything. That’s why, from CRMs to using apps to improve workflow, Andrew discusses leveraging technology to help clients and their businesses, as well as his own.

Identity Verification within Annature | (Annature

Did you know that you are obligated to verify your clients’ identities? Annature is currently testing a product for identity verifications. Annature has partnered with Stripe for identity verification, leveraging the same technology that Stripe uses to verify millions of global users.

How to Make a Contingency Plan in 6 Steps | (Forecast )

Sometimes things are simply outside of your control. We all know it, and the most effective thing we can do is to go into situations with our eyes open, aware of the risks, with an excellent contingency plan to bail us out. The best Project Managers don’t expect everything to neatly follow ‘Plan A’ to the letter. Instead, they embrace the fact that they need to be an expert in contingency planning. Putting the effort into a thorough contingency plan will remove much of the risk that your project will go south as soon as an issue arises.

How To Start A Consulting Business (2022 Guide) | (Starting Point)

If you have ambitions to grow and scale a consulting business, workflow automation will play a vital role in streamlining and bringing order to your projects. When you have a confusing and convoluted workflow, this can detrimentally impact your ability to deliver exceptional client service. Without the right systems in place, your operation will be impossible to scale.

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