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Which Model of Outsourcing is Right for You? | (TOA)

Discover the pros and cons of the different models of outsourcing so you can choose the best one for your accounting or bookkeeping firm’s business needs. To help you figure out which model of outsourcing is right for your accounting firm, we dive into four of them here and reveal the pros and cons of each: freelance, project-style work, business process outsourcing and the build-to-operate transfer model. What’s great about these models is that they apply to many other industries, as well.

Tech Tips for Bookkeepers: How to Know You’re Using the Right Apps | (XBert)

If you’re tech-savvy, you already know that technology is a crucial part of bookkeepers staying ahead of the game, delivering excellent service to their clients and finding the best efficiencies in their business. So how can you take the fear and pain away from diving into the world of ever-evolving tech? Here are a few tips for bookkeepers.

SWOT Analysis For Startups | (Brixx) 

Conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis for startups is key when looking to explore and understand the potential growth of your business. A SWOT analysis can help you see your startup from different perspectives and angles that you may not have before. The word is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Find in this article how to effectively tackle a SWOT analysis

Announcing Airtable’s Series F Funding | (Airtable)

Airtable secures $735 million to invest in its connected apps platform and expand adoption among the world’s largest companies. Airtable, the connected apps platform that enables teams to modernize their business processes, announced a new round of investment that will dramatically strengthen its focus on product development, customer growth, and support for enterprise teams across multiple industries.

Researcher Hacks 55 Banking Apps | (ACS)

The security of open banking systems has been questioned after a security researcher demonstrated her 100 per cent success in hacking a range of mobile apps that suffered similar flaws in the security of their application programming interfaces (APIs). ​​All of the 55 apps she tested were vulnerable to woman-in-the-middle (WITM) attacks, in which Knight was able to intercept traffic between mobile apps and the hosting bank.

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