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Time-Poor Entrepreneurs? Here Are 6 Apps Every Small Business Should Be Using | (Booktopia)

March is Dummies month here at Booktopia, where you can unlock your everyday genius with up to 30% off RRP on selected Dummies guides, for a limited time — including Xero For Dummies, a guide to one of the world’s most popular online accounting software programs by technology and lifestyle accountant Heather Smith! Today, Heather Smith is on the blog to share the six apps that she believes every small business owner should be using. Read more at https://www.booktopia.com.au/blog/2022/03/30/time-poor-entrepreneur-here-are-6-apps-every-small-business-should-be-using/!

Choosing the Best Accounting Software for Small Business | (Synder) 

The market for small business accounting software is growing and has a lot to offer. There’s one thing for sure — committing to any software is going to require research and analysis of the things you need from such a system. It’ll help you if you decide early on whether you’ll need to process payroll, accept payments using your accounting software, and maintain an inventory. Answering these questions will help you finalize the top contender list and choose the best accounting software for a small business.

Creating a Workflow Diagram: A Step-by-Step Guide (+5 Examples) | (ClickUp) 

At first glance, workflow diagrams might look like complicated outlines you’re tempted to avoid at all costs. Or you might think it takes a special kind of person to understand workflow diagrams. But if you spend just a few minutes learning about what makes workflow diagrams so useful for teams and organizations, the chances are high that you’ll get hooked on creating them. If you’re looking to increase your productivity and create more effective workflow systems to make sure your team ships their best work, you’ll want to bookmark this guide

How to Track Business Budgets With Time-Tracking Software | (MinuteDock)

Using budgets as tools to help manage your resources over the course of a given project is a great way to manage your resources effectively, as well as allow you to track the progress of your projects. Budgets let you track the monetary investment going into a project to help you understand expenses, but they can also track your time investment as well. Using time tracking to budget your work hours is a great way to track productivity, manage your time resources, and accurately assess how long a given job will take. Understanding and budgeting your available work hours is fundamental of project management!

Maximising Business Sale Value for Small Business Owners  | (BizEquity)

Most small business owners didn’t build their businesses with a sale in mind. So when they do sell, it’s often for 30-40% less than their businesses are actually worth. That’s where Steve Vesey and his team come in. Steve and his co-founder, Rick McDonald, started their company, Exit the Family Business, with the mission of unlocking the billions of dollars trapped inside undervalued and undersold family-owned businesses.

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