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3 Things to Do When  Your Projects Have Scope Creep | (WorkGuru)

Despite best efforts, projects can breeze past their budgets all too easily. When scope creep happens, there are some things you can do to try and limit the impact on your profitability. Fortunately, the WorkGuru team has covered before how to avoid scope creep, but what can you do when scope creep happens? Learn more on how to do it the right way here.

My Tech Stack: Sharon Pocock, Kinder Pocock | (AccountingWeb)  

A modern and friendly firm of accountants based in Herefordshire, but also offer remote accounting and are happy to work with small business clients wherever they are. Sharon, the winner of multiple Accounting Excellence Awards, including the 2020 Hero Firm of Year for Kinder Pocock’s efforts to support businesses during the pandemic, shares her app menu and philosophy.

Tips for Creating an Efficient Practice With Starfish Accounting | (Xero Blog) 

Formed in 2011 by Georgi Rollings, Starfish Accounting prides itself on being approachable, friendly —- and definitely not stuffy. Based in Berkshire, the team comprises nine women and, while they have a diverse mix of clients, the firm has a particular focus on helping female-run businesses. Click here to watch Starfish’s story, or read her tips to create an efficient practice. 

3 Simple Ways Partners Can Accelerate Cloud Adoption| (AvePoint Blog)

For those of us who work in technology, we may sometimes feel that we’re falling behind with the latest solutions and gadgetry. However, to most end users we might be seen as living life on the cutting edge of technology. Sometimes even the most basic technical considerations can be viewed as advanced when looking through the lens of older, and even outdated, technology.

What is Average Revenue per Unit (ARPU) and Why Is It Important? | (Synder)

ARPU is the amount of money a company earns from each of its users. The more you bill your customers, the more important understanding your average revenue per user becomes. For software businesses, understanding the ARPU definition is especially important because the majority of their revenue typically comes from customer billing. The higher the ARPU, the more profitable the business.

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