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How Do Dividends Work? | (Float)

A dividend is an amount of money paid out to invested shareholders of a limited company. If you own shares, the amount you are paid in dividends is usually directly proportional to the number of shares you hold. Limited companies are the only types of businesses that can issue shares making them the only businesses that can pay out dividends. Partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) and sole traders do not issue shares and therefore cannot pay dividends. What to know more? Keep on reading this article.

6 Strategies to Conduct Productive and Effective Team Meetings | (MinuteDock) 

Regular team meetings and discussions are an important part of working as a team, regardless of the type of work you are performing. A good team is one which is communicative, and productive staff meetings are an important tool in making sure each member of your workforce is on the same page as to their assignments and expectations. Whether you are dealing with long term projects or one-off jobs, team management is vital to maintaining an efficient workflow and staying on top of productivity.

How to Improve Your Project Profitability in 5 Steps | (WorkGuru) 

When you own your own business, profitability is key in anything and everything. Of course, it’s much easier said than done to make every project turn a profit, but there are some things you can do to keep your projects making money. So how can your project profitability be improved, project after project? Continue reading this article for more tips.

Building a Human-centred Business | (Microkeeper)

As a business leader, building a human-centred business is a key step in ensuring you drive motivation, performance and decisions. Because, no matter how much your business is dependent on technology, it’s humans that are at its heart and will ultimately determine your success. Researcher, academic and CEO of Third Collective, Mandy Scotney helps businesses create cultures where people are supported and encouraged to talk openly about their wellbeing. 

New Tool Takes on Month-end Close Automation Challenge | (Accounting Web)

The founder of Chaser has launched a new venture that ultimately aims to automate large swathes of the month-end close process – starting with the automation of intercompany recharge calculations. Mayday, the second accounting tech startup from former Chaser CEO David Tuck, has today announced the launch of Recharger, a new cloud tool that automates intercompany recharges – costs and revenues recharged between connected entities of the same business.

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