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New: Introducing Fathom’s Integration With Google Sheet | (Fathom)

The newest Fathom’s integration with Google Sheets gives you easy access to your operational data and a better picture of the whole business. Powering insights for over 60,000 businesses worldwide, ​​Fathom is at the forefront of providing solutions that are smart, intuitive, and beautiful. Their new integration with Google Sheets gives you the power to efficiently collect the non-financial data you need, so you have more time to focus on moving the business forward.

Tips to Streamline Employee Expenses & Reimbursements | (DiviPay Blog) 

We all know that managing employee expenses and processing reimbursements can be time-consuming. There is nothing worse than spending your time chasing colleagues for information relating to a coffee order.  Here, you will find the outline of the top tips to streamline the management of business expenses within your organisation.

Top 5 Financial Dashboard KPIs for Board Reporting | (Jirav) 

In the final post of this series on financial dashboards, Jirav’s team is going to take a look at how to leverage your dashboard data to make your board reporting more efficient and effective. For a refresh on the rest of the series, they have covered how to build dashboards, best practices for maintaining them, and how to use dashboard data to make more informed business decisions.

Making Accounting Truly Diverse | (Accounting and Business) 

The survey report, Diversifying Global Accounting Talent: Actionable solutions for progress, reveals that while most respondents do in fact view the profession as equitable or inclusive (men on average see things more favourably than women), many from diverse backgrounds state they have experienced or observed inequity and exclusion. These experiences impacted the career choices of one-third of female respondents. The key findings of the survey – which was carried out by the International Federation of Accountants, the Institute of Management Accountants, and the California Society of CPAs – are highlighted in this article.

Steps to Foolproof Payment Recovery for Your Subscription Box Business | (Chargebee) 

The global subscription box industry is expected to grow from $22.7 billion in 2021 to $65 billion by 2025 (at a reality-warping CAGR of 18.3%) according to research by the IMARC Group. And with good reason. Subscriptions are a healthy source of recurring revenue, subscription customers have a higher average lifetime value (LTV) than traditional eCommerce, and recurring billing takes away the pain of initiating transactions before every shipping instance. But under what seems like a pretty straightforward business model is a labyrinth of complex revenue strategies, a plethora of API integrations and payment processes, but more importantly, a still-evolving market of service providers that help set a subscription box business up from scratch.

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