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The Apps That Boost Your Communication Game | (Acuity Magazine)

It may surprise you to learn that while I love writing – and my tenth book on cloud accounting will be published this month – I’m not the greatest writer. As a chartered accountant, I have expert knowledge in my head. But communicating that knowledge so clients hear and absorb what I’m trying to convey, sometimes requires a spoonful of clarity. These are the tools and steps I use to ensure that I deliver a clear message and an exceptional client experience.

6 Reasons Why Employees Shouldn’t Use Personal Cards for Business Expenses | (DiviPay) 

From small organisations to large corporations, many employees are still using their personal cards to pay for business expenses. Not only does this create a burden for employees, but it also creates losses for the business as well as its accounting managers. When personal cards are used by employees, business expenses become much harder to track and important decisions on cost management are impacted. 

The Ultimate Feature Checklist for Evaluating a Subscription Billing Software | (Chargebee Blog) 

Subscription billing can seem deceptively simple, but it has many moving parts. As your subscriptions evolve and grow, your billing infrastructure must be flexible enough to keep up with it. This blog will list comprehensive must-have features you need to look at when zeroing in on a subscription billing software, why they’re critical, and how they would influence your revenue growth. 

Managing a Growing Cloud-based Tech Stark | (Practice Protect) 

As pioneers of cloud technology an efficient tech stack is the beating heart of the modern accounting firm. The right stack and integrations can help your SME balance people, processes, and tech. Is your firm maximising efficiency and productivity from your tech stack and maintaining data security? In this article, we’ll explore how Practice Protect helps busy accounting firms maximise their tech stack and all the cloud apps it comes with.

How to Start a Successful Bookkeeping Business in 2022 | (Jetpack Workflow) 

Before you read through this guide, remember the most important thing for any new business is to get paying customers. Without customers, you don’t have a business. Many of the administrative tasks can be handled along the way. So, while these steps are all important in establishing your business, just keep in mind they don’t need to be done in this specific order. With that out of the way, let’s get started!

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