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What to Sell on Amazon: Best-selling Items and Top Ideas | (Synder Blog)

Leading e-commerce companies strive to make the shopping experience more convenient by providing top-notch software solutions and impeccable service in combination with selling just about any item a customer wishes to buy. As long as e-commerce attracts so many customers, it drives successful retail businesses with one major question on the minds of entrepreneurs: What products should they sell to get some profit? This article focuses on Amazon and looks into the following points to get a working answer to the question above.

What is Omnichannel Support and How It Impacts Customer Service | (Chaty) 

More and more businesses should, therefore, lean towards incorporating omnichannel strategies in their businesses as a competitive edge and a way to restore the economic value of their businesses. Success starts by understanding what omnichannel is, and how customer-based strategies influence a better experience for customers, support agents, and other team members in an organization.

Digital Distractions: Are You Using Technology Effectively | (Tax Practice News) 

With all of us walking around with tiny computers at our fingertips, it is easy to get distracted throughout the day. I mean, if you are bored at lunch, you can be online shopping within seconds instead of returning my voicemails. So what are some tips to ensure you are being dutiful and not distracted when it comes to your digital world?

5 Essential Shaping the Accounting Apps You’re Likely to Use, if not now but Soon | (App Advisory Plus) 

The pandemic and lockdowns certainly speeded the need for new technology, as accountancy firms and finance teams faced significant challenges. Many pivoted to technology, a point highlighted in a McKinsey study which found that the pandemic accelerated digital transformation and technology adoption by years. In this scenario, what are the essential elements shaping the technology you’re likely to use, if not now but soon?

How Should Small Businesses Balance Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Data Privacy? | (Xero Blog) 

We recently held our fourth Xero Responsible Data Use Advisory Council meeting via Zoom with seven council members across four time zones to discuss the most important emerging trends around responsible data use for small businesses. How time has flown – we’ve nearly completed our first year of a council.

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