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5 Essential Types of Software Every Bookkeeper Needs | (MinuteDock)

A clever bookkeeper knows they will make good use of the best available software tools to ease workloads and increase their teams’ productivity. This can especially help small bookkeeping firms, where the management of individual business aspects is less specialised than in larger corporations. From accounting software to time tracking tools, these solutions can ease the burden of small business management by automating some admin processes and organising data effectively.  

BGL Releases Automated Document Reminders in CAS 360 | (BGL) 

“It’s fantastic to release another highly anticipated feature,” said Ron Lesh, BGL’s Managing Director. “Set and forget document reminders will make following up with clients for outstanding company change documents, Annual Returns/Reviews and trust documents a breeze!”. “When a client logs in to the product, CAS 360 will show an Automation Report that details the automated tasks CAS 360 completed since their last login. It’s CAS 360 doing the manual work for you,” Lesh noted. 

Feature Studies: How to Create Consolidated Report Using Append Function | (G-Accon Blog) 

G-Accon is always developing new features that can automate routine tasks and make customers’ lives easier. The “Append Template” function can collect similar information from different Xero or QuickBooks reports and download it in one sheet. So you can use standard or dynamic (this is also a unique feature stay tuned and you will read about it in our next posts) filters to analyze all the data or summarize numbers to draw a general result.

How to Start a Headless Shopify Store? | (Chargebee Blog) 

The flexibility of headless commerce gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their full personality on their eCommerce sites. Plus, brands can reach customers on any platform — not just mobile and desktop, but kiosks, smart watches, IoT devices, and more. But is it worth choosing a headless approach over a simple, traditional store? And how do you get started without breaking ties with Shopify?

How and When to Write a Follow-up Email After Receiving No Response | (Ignition) 

When a client doesn’t respond, it can feel awkward and lead to endless doubts and questions on your part. By following up with them, you can figure out exactly what’s happened and help get things back on track. But how do you follow up respectfully? This article explores how and when to send a follow-up email and gives you a number of potential templates to use in a variety of different circumstances.

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