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Can Stream Deck Aid Accounting Productivity Push? | (AccountingWeb)

A growing number of CPAs are turning to tools from outside the accounting world like Stream Deck as a way of boosting their efficiency. But how does it work in an accountancy context, and what are its limitations? The Stream Deck was originally designed as a console to allow gamers and other live-streamers such as DJs or product demonstrators to switch camera angles, generate sound effects or initiate countdowns, reducing formally complex processes to the touch of a button. However, increasingly the tool is being used by accountants to streamline process-heavy tasks such as populating standard invoices, launching financial reports on bookkeeping tools like Xero and initiating and embedding complex formulas in Excel.

How the Strongest Accounting Firms Are Built on Solid Strategy | (Karbon HQ) 

That foundation will look different from one firm to the next, but it’s likely to be rooted in Strategy, one of the Four Pillars identified in Karbon’s Practice Excellence Assessment. The Practice Excellence Assessment is a 20-minute online survey designed to help accounting firms compare their business abilities to other firms across the globe. To date, more than 1,000 firms have completed the assessment, and the 2022 Practice Excellence Report analyzes this data to generate key industry-wide insights.

Accountant’s Parody of Beyonce’s Single Ladies | Amreeta Abbott | (LinkedIn) 

Amreetta introduced us this week to a parody that will make all the accounting brains smile. Joyce Ong is part of a Facebook group – Small Business Accountants & Advisors Brains Trust, Australia (SBAABTA). “They’re an awesome bunch ~5K of us, a real community. This recording came out of a song lyric competition for accounting parodies. Here’s the winner from around 30 entrants”, says Joyce. Shout out to the lyricist Marnie England too.

The Top 10 Soft Skills for Successful Accountants | (Ignition) 

What skills do you need to become a successful accountant? If you answered ‘accounting skills’ or ‘solid mathematics skills’ you would only be half right. While it’s true that knowledge of accounting principles is essential, succeeding in our line of work takes more than formal education and technical knowledge. To build a thriving business, you must also develop a number of soft skills that would enable you to better serve your clients. This is exactly what you’ll discover in this post. The ignition team has compiled a list of 10 essential soft skills for accountants to help you provide more value to clients. Let’s check them out!

New Connections to Xero Have Been Paused – September 6, 2022. | (Nett Tracker) 

Over the last 12 months, Xero has made some changes with regard to how third-party apps can be added to the Xero apps store.  Even if already approved and listed, new terms and conditions need to be adhered to in order to remain an app partner. At this time, due to the demands on programming resources needed to comply fully with Xero’s requirements, we have made the decision to cease further connections to Xero for the time being. Nett Trackers apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

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