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Top 10 Tech Platforms for Fractional CFOs | (Michael King LinkedIn)

What tech should CFOs be using going into 2023? Michael King tested out 100+ platforms so you don’t have to. Here are his top 10 MUST-HAVE tech platforms. From 10 to 1, this listing highlights ProfitCents, Ignition, Google Suite, Corvee, Slack, ClickUp, and many more! If you want to find out more about this amazing 10, check Michael’s LinkedIn blog post here. 

The 12 Types of Inventory You Need to Know | (SMB Consultants)

In its simplest form, inventory includes all of the items that a business uses for production or sale to an end user – it’s instrumental for businesses to be able to earn a profit. Inventory is one of these easy and hidden ways to lose money. The detail around inventory is important. The 12 types of inventory you need to know as retail, wholesale or manufacturing business are outlined for your reference and opportunity to ensure you have a system in place to track and maximise your profit. Whether you own a wholesale, retail or manufacturing business, you have inventory. Inventory is fundamental to any business but especially, inventory-based businesses. In fact, almost any business has an inventory to some extent and they must find an effective way to manage it. 

Easy Automation With G-Accon Google Sheets Add-on: Email Updates Reports to Your Clients | (G-Accon) 

This is a useful and time-saving feature that allows users to send real-time Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks reports by email to multiple clients right from Google Sheets. Flexible settings allow users to choose the list of interests who need to receive an email, create the text of the letter, and set up a schedule of report updates and email notifications. This feature is especially convenient because it can keep doing work for you even when you are not working! This is excellent for going on vacation or on leave. Additionally, flexible schedule settings allow reports to be sent at all times of day – early dawn, late night, or during your normal 9 to 5. This is particularly advantageous if your client works in a different time zone.

Turn Emails Into Tasks and Client Notes With XBert Workflows | (XBert Blogs) 

Your workdays are frantic, and you probably use several tools for productivity, collaboration, bookkeeping, and client management. Continually switching from one tool to another is not just time-consuming, it can be prone to error. Things are easily missed, and there’s no single, neat audit trail should you require it. Now, with the latest upgrade to XBert’s email integration, you’ll not only be able to turn emails into tasks in an instant; you can then action, forward, communicate and track that task to ensure a neat trail of correspondence and accountability. How does it work?

The Latest Trends On What to Sell on eBay in 2022 | (Synder) 

eBay is one of the biggest online retail sites and home to millions of customers who are always looking for new and exciting products to buy. It’s safe to assume that any business owner who sets up an eBay store will be able to find plenty of potential customers who are willing to pay for their products. However, it won’t always be as simple as creating an account and uploading your stock – you’ll need to conduct some research beforehand to ensure you’re selling something people want and will be happy to pay for.

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