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5 Ways Tax Agents Can Ease the Stress of BAS Lodgement Deadlines | (XBert Blogs)

With the current pressure on small businesses and their financial advisors – wading through the available government support payments and grants – it’s not surprising this quarter’s BAS lodgement deadline has been pushed to its limit. With no real sign of the pressure easing anytime soon, it’s easy to feel like every day is Groundhog Day. At XBert, it’s their mission to make work life easier for BAS agents, bookkeepers and accountants, even in the most challenging times. Here are the top ways we help you smooth out the rollercoaster of BAS lodgement, TPAR and EOFY deadlines.

How to Package Your Bookkeeping Services [Guide]| (Future Firm – Ryan Lazanis)

A package is a collection of services and features that you bundle up into a single offering that oftentimes comes with a flat fee or value-based pricing structure. It includes the type of bookkeeping services involved, optimization of bookkeeping processes, the technology required to handle the books, and anything else that delivers value to your target audience. In this guide, I’ll describe how to package bookkeeping services in a highly profitable way but also very appealing to your clients. Let’s get to it.

10 Free Workflow Templates in ClickUp & Excel | (ClickUp Blog) 

Templates are designed to make your life easier and save you precious time by bearing some weight throughout your entire project process, not just while you’re planning the steps. Plus, there’s no shortage when it comes to templates! The hardest part is simply finding the most valuable workflow template based on your use case, preferred work style, team size, and project complexity. Whether you’re the newest member of the team or everybody’s favourite manager, these 10 free templates are for you.

Contractor or Employee…How to Tell the Difference | (Microkeeper) 

As businesses become increasingly flexible with their working conditions, it can be harder to tell whether someone is an employee or an independent contractor. Getting the distinction right is crucial to understanding a person’s workplace entitlements. The High Court recently clarified this question. It said the contract of employment is the key to correctly characterising a person as either an employee or contractor. In this article, Natasha Whitehead, Associate at Gilchrist Connell explains how this distinction is to be made in light of the High Court’s recent clarification of the law. Natasha also describes how to ensure your business is getting it right.

5 Essential Types of Software every Lawyer Needs | (MinuteDock) 

Software providers continue to improve and expand on their offerings – even in just the last decade, apps have greatly improved in their ability to increase productivity and free up time from tedious but necessary admin work. Legal practices can get even more benefits than most other businesses. A good app stack will help your team stay on top of admin and paperwork while reducing the time needed to complete them and giving you tools to keep your day organised.

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