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Weekly To-Do’s for Accountants & Bookkeepers in Difficult Times | (BOMA Marketing)

In difficult times it’s more critical than ever for accountants and bookkeepers to dial up their empathy and sensitivity to their clients. Most (if not all) businesses will be under huge pressure and owners will be looking to their advisors for assistance. Accountants and bookkeepers will find themselves in a unique position to give support, guidance and advice to their clients and as a result, will themselves be under pressure. So here is a checklist of weekly “To Do’s” that will help ensure you are delivering support to your clients whilst also looking after your own practice, colleagues and yourself.

5 Essential Types of Software Every Accountant Needs | (MinuteDock)

For accountants, the right software solutions can make a huge difference in their day-to-day work life. The right apps can make admin and organisation a breeze, letting you focus your time on the work which can make your business a success. You might be surprised to find that you could be automating some time-consuming tasks to free up valuable work time. Using software tools to make your workflow simple and more productive. Check this article out and find out more about must-have apps!

How Accountants Can Help Hospitality Clients | (Fathom) 

Pubs, cafes, bars and restaurants have been one of the few retail success stories from our high streets in recent years. Then as the pandemic hit, hospitality like everything else, shut down overnight. Panicked business owners called their accountants who burned the midnight oil to access unprecedented levels of state funding, grants and loans, as well as deal with furlough schemes and other support for their workers.

The Workflow Tool That Helped Our Firm Grow by 300% Every Quarter | (XBert) 

Whether it’s accounting, tax, bookkeeping, payroll or strategy. XETA is committed to 100% attention, 100% delivery and 100% compliance. And that’s why they use XBert. Founded just three years ago, XETA has seen 300% growth every quarter, is currently 12 times bigger than they were two years ago and has a staff in the double digits. They currently serve more than 1000 individuals for tax returns, and 200 SMSFs and advise 115 financial management clients ranging from sole traders right through to ASX-listed companies. Find out more details about this firm’s successful growth here.

Breaking Down Stripe Fees: A Quick Guide to Stripe Fees for e-Commerce Business | (Synder Blog) 

When choosing a payment processor for your business, you want it to be secure, reliable, and convenient to manage for you as a merchant, as well as easy to use for your customers. What’s more, as payment processing services usually charge merchants or their customers for receiving or making payments, you might want to be aware of all the charges applied and other conditions that impact your revenue. This article takes a look at Stripe as a payment system, some of its pros and cons for merchants, and breaks down the fees a merchant might face depending on the character of their business operation.

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