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Managing Remote Workers Toolkit: 8 Tools for Remote Teams | (ActivTrak Blog)

Building a robust remote workers toolkit can help managers and employees thrive in a remote work environment. Remote work environments offer many opportunities, but there are also challenges only a remote work toolkit can solve. Whether you’re looking for help with performance management, task management, communication tools, video conferencing or employee engagement, a remote worker toolkit with integrated software tools can make managing remote teams easier and more effective. Here’s what you need.

Intuit Develops Team and Strategy to Take Accounts to the Next Level | (CPA PracticeAdvisor)

For 40 years, Intuit has strived to deliver on the shared mission to help accountants and small businesses. To help make that happen, Intuit has a strong foundational belief that when small businesses are connected with you—the accounting professional—both parties can truly thrive. To continue its effort of driving small business-accountant connections, and delivering the products and services you need to grow and scale, Intuit is expanding their team to focus on product strategy, improvements, and innovations that speed up your workflow and bring insights that allow you to be even more with your clients.

Cyber Security for eCommerce Companies: 5 Protocols You Need to Follow | (Acuity Accounting

Cyber security for eCommerce companies is one of the most important keys to success. Your customers trust you to deliver on what you sell – and that doesn’t just mean receiving what they purchased. In order to build a successful eCommerce brand, you have to keep your customers’ information safe. There’s no room for data leaks. You’re expecting customers to provide your business with a slew of personal information, such as their name, home address, email, phone number, and credit card info. While that’s the norm with today’s online shopping trends, it’s also expected that you do your due diligence. Keep on reading for 5 cyber security protocols you should be following in your eCommerce business.

Expert Interview: Practical Tips for Guiding Impactful Decisions | (Fathom

Dimitri Matsouliadis is a Chartered Accountant (CA) currently working at Hailston + Co, who is no stranger to supporting his clients to better understand what their numbers mean for the future of their businesses. Heading up the advisory division at Hailston + Co, Dimitri helps achieve the organisation’s mission of empowering its clients to succeed. He is excited about the impact Hailston + Co has on small to medium-sized businesses, in terms of both tangible factors (finance and growth results) and intangible factors (reducing anxiety, providing peace of mind, support, and accountability to business owners). You’ll be able to watch a recording of the full session or read the full article to get a summary of his top three tips.

Become a Financial Storyteller | (Insightsoftware

Financial statements tell an important story, but they rarely tell the entire story. It often requires a sharp eye and a healthy measure of experience to elicit meaningful information from the numbers. And a wave of finance teams is making that shift right now. Instead of just delivering plain reports, they aim to make their reports come to life by putting the numbers in context. That’s not always easy to accomplish, especially when you’re limited to using traditional tools like static spreadsheets. To achieve excellence in financial reporting and storytelling, finance teams need a set of tools specifically designed to support that mission. Here’s a brief overview of the elements on which finance leaders should focus.

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