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Procrastination at Work: 5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating and Improve Productivity | (MinuteDock)

Procrastination can be a big problem in any workplace, and it is a problem which can sneak up on you unexpectedly. When you are working long hours and your to-do pile doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller it can be difficult to stay motivated and productive. It’s a problem which can fuel itself, as the more you procrastinate the harder it becomes to get stuck into the tasks you need to complete. From time tracking to rewarding task completion, this guide contains 6 tips your team can use to reduce the urge to procrastinate and keep productive over the long haul.

15 Best Project Management Software in 2023 | (Agile CRM) 

Today, project management software is also much more user-friendly than it once was. Many of the popular project management tools offer mobile apps and cloud-based versions, making it easier for teams to access the information they need from anywhere. The software also provides more detailed insights into project progress, allowing teams to adjust their strategy and make changes as needed. No matter the size or scope of a project, project management software has become a must-have for any organization. With the right project management software in place, teams can ensure their projects are completed on time, within budget, and with the desired results.

Xero and QuickBooks – Bank Coding Differences | (The Woodard Report) 

There’s been lots of talk about the differences in bank “reconciliation” between Xero and QBO. In Xero, bank reconciliation is streamlined into a single step with bank line classification, whereas in QBO, the process is more like old-school checkbook balancing. Both methods have their pros and cons and are likely to appeal to different users based on your comfort level with automation vs. manual verification. In this article, we’ll focus on the differences in the first piece – coding – and cover reconciliation in a future article. This is your comprehensive guide to support you. 

How to Start a Successful Virtual Bookkeeping Business in 2023 | (Jetpack Workflow) 

Getting your first client means you’ll have someone who can back your claims of offering high-quality and cost-effective services. While the steps outlined below need to be completed at some point as you establish your business, getting your first virtual bookkeeping client should be the first thing you do. This way, you’ll be growing your reputation alongside building your business. In this article, you’ll find the steps to build your business so you can get up and running and build a full client roster. Let’s get started! 

KPMG Sells Its Spark Business to Accounting Fintech Decimal | (CPA Practice Advisor)

Decimal, a fintech company offering bookkeeping and accounting operations for small and medium-sized businesses, has acquired the cloud-based bookkeeping service and certain other assets of KPMG Spark, owned by Big Four tax, accounting and advisory firm KPMG LLP. Financial terms were not disclosed. The acquisition broadens Decimal’s suite of services and solutions. It also expands the company’s small-business footprint while adding key talent to the growing Decimal team.

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