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5 Best Tech Tools for Remote Work | (Moolahmore)

Whether you’re a business owner who owns a small business or operates a home-based business, remote work is now dominating the industry thanks to technological advancements. Advancements in technology have provided a platform for remote workers to operate. As remote workers and virtual teams become more common, so are the tools and software designed to accommodate them. Whether working from a beachside shack or within your own house, operating remotely calls for planning and preparation. Now is the time to set up your remote work for success with practice. Having tools at your disposal for remote work can help you reach your goals.  This article has listed five apps that are especially beneficial for this trend.

How to Write an Effective GPT-3 Prompt | (Zapier

GPT-3 can tell bad jokes and write accidentally hilarious poems about your life, but it can also help to do your job better. The catch: you need to help it do its job better, too. At its most basic level, OpenAI’s GPT-3 predicts text based on an input called a prompt. But to get the best results, you need to write a clear prompt with ample context. These are some top tips for writing an effective GPT-3 prompt.

6 Tips to Eliminate Client Emails From Your Inbox | (Future Firm | Ryan Lazanis

Are you overwhelmed by the hundreds of client emails you get every day? In this podcast, Ryan Lazanis exposes the best tips to stay at the top of your clients’ emails so you take back control of your inbox to keep “overwhelm” at bay. He will talk you through the solution to eliminating these emails really comes down to a combination of having the right people, processes and technology as well as implementing the right technology. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to this!

5 Places to Put Your Business Logo for Improved Brand Recognition | (Checkeeper

A plethora of resources exist for helping market your small business and spread brand awareness: from Google ads to online videos, to commercials, to hiring an entire marketing team to create campaigns through just about every digital and print channel available. But there are also some small, simple things that any business owner—on any budget—can implement quickly, and usually for little or no cost. If you don’t have a big budget for sophisticated and pricey marketing campaigns, there are still many low-cost and readily accessible places to advertise your brand: places right in front of you that should not be overlooked.

Reclaim Your Calendar By Rethinking Your Meetings | (Guru Blog)

Do you wish you had one less meeting to go to today? Studies have shown that calendars full of meetings can lead to a decline in employee satisfaction and happiness. With some companies claiming that it can take almost a month to get meetings scheduled and others eliminating them altogether, it’s worth giving your work calendar a second look. It can be hard to do your best work when most of your time is spent in meetings that should have been an e-mail, so it might be time to try something new. Guru isn’t just a tool designed to help people seek and share knowledge, it’s also designed to help people work more efficiently and effectively. 

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