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7 Ways to Avoid Emailing Back and Forth in Your Clientflow | (HoneyBook)

Sometimes it can feel like an entire project consists of checking your inbox and waiting for client responses. We’ve all been there before where we’re scouring long email threads for the answer to a question we asked weeks ago. Unfortunately, clients can often be the biggest roadblock to delivering successful projects on time. But, there’s a better way to do business so you don’t have to get stuck in an endless loop of emailing back and forth. With these seven tips, you can communicate professionally, incorporate a personal touch, and guide your clients to respond on time. Implementing these best practices will result in more time for you (and your clients) that you can put into other areas of your business or give yourself some well-deserved “me” time!

Easy Automation With G-Accon Google Sheets Add-on: Email Updated Xero & QuickBooks Reports to Your Clients | (G-Accon Blog

This is a useful and time-saving feature that allows users to send real-time Xero, QuickBooks, and FreshBooks reports by email to multiple clients right from Google Sheets. Flexible settings allow users to choose the list of interests who need to receive an email, create the text of the letter, and set up a schedule of report updates and email notifications. This feature is especially convenient because it can keep doing work for you even when you are not working! This is excellent for going on vacation or on leave. Additionally, flexible schedule settings allow reports to be sent at all times of day –– early dawn, late night, or during your normal 9 to 5. Also, this is particularly advantageous if your client works in a different time zone.

Tackling the Challenges of Credit Card Spending and Expense Management | (Weel

Here’s a successful customer story from Weel. Igsaw OOSH is committed to providing the most engaging and educational care possible. Making their services the best they can be requires effective time management and budget allocation. Managing the expenses of nine independent centres across NSW is no easy feat. Nominated supervisors need to regularly purchase food, classroom supplies, toys and activities for their respective centres. With each centre responsible for its own credit card, keeping on top of invoices and receipts was cumbersome and exhausting. Using this outdated expense management system, the Financial Controller (Jigsaw OOSHs accountant) found her team spending hours each week chasing up expenses to reconcile within (their) accounting software. Learn how the after-school care provider Jigsaw OOSH saved over $10,000 on admin in just one year after implementing Weel. Read the full case study here.

6 Limiting Beliefs That Block Accounting Firms From Growing | (Karbon Resources

Often, we hold limiting beliefs that keep us and our firm from experiencing the full extent of possible growth. Several months ago, Cassidy Jakovickas, President & CEO, of MBS Accountancy, started digging deeper into his firm’s growth obstacles as they planned for the years ahead. He uncovered several thought patterns that had been keeping MBS Accountancy from experiencing more growth and success. He has listed them below, along with several others that he has heard from other accountants over the years. 

How Approval Automation Saves This Investment Firm 40 Hours a Week | (ApprovalMax)

The Icehouse is a leading player in New Zealand’s business and start-up investment sector, with over two decades of experience coaching SME businesses and investing in tech start-ups. They are renowned for their innovative approach and have worked with successful companies such as Sharesies, Hnry, and Dawn Aerospace. However, as their business grew, so did the number of invoices they had to process. Despite adopting Xero as their cloud-accounting platform, their invoice approval process was still bogged down by a time-consuming and inefficient paper-based system. That’s when they turned to ApprovalMax to streamline their finance operations. Sebastian McLarin, Head of Finance and Financial Controller at The Icehouse, said of their journey with approval automation. Learn more about this case study here.

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