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Ep.39 Richard Francis – The Perfect Advisory Relationship

Today on episode 39 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with the Richard Francis who’s the founder of Spotlight Reporting. His company have recently released a whitepaper called The Perfect Advisory Relationship. In today’s show I talk with him about this paper and how advisors and business owners can benefit from monthly advisory [...]

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Ep.38 Lisa Martin – The ultimate guide to delivering quality Xero training

Today on the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with the Lisa Martin owner and manager at GoFi8ure. The business offers one-on-one or one-to-many training at your doorstep or in-house. The tagline is ‘get training and become a Xero Hero’. You'll recall I interviewed Lisa in episode 20 of Cloud Stories. In that episode we explored [...]

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Ep.37 Bernadette Schwerdt – Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs

Today on the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Bernadette Schwerdt. Bernadette is the author of Secrets of Online Entrepreneurs: How Australia's Online Mavericks, Innovators and Disruptors Built Their Businesses ... And How You Can Too. Bernadette and I are both authors with Wiley Publishing. We publish books with real pages! Every month Wiley [...]

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Ep.36 Geni Whitehouse – Even a Nerd Can Be Heard

Geni Whitehouse divides her time between working as a winery consultant at Brotemarkle, Davis & Co in the Napa Valley and writing, speaking, and tweeting about what some might consider nerdy subjects.  As a former partner in a CPA firm, two-time software company executive, and recent CMO of a tech startup, she has a [...]

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Ep.35 Blake Oliver shares apps he recommends for accountants, bookkeepers and his clients

Subscribe to Episode 35 of Cloud Stories on iTunes In this episode Blake Oliver and I discuss his recommended apps for accountants and bookkeepers and his clients. I'm now using Overcast as my preferred app for listening to podcasts on my iPhone - it has a simple intuitive interface and as my iPhone is [...]

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Ep.34 Dan Schmidt – The Emerging Business CFO

Based Missouri, USA, Dan Schmidt has embraced Xero as the core solution for his clients. Dan likes to solve problems. He helps clients adopt a suite of cloud solutions that improve their daily operation. In the interview he explains how accounting provides a common language in business. The language can assist in effective communication across different business department. I first heard [...]

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Providing Businesses With a Stop Shop | Jamie Davison

Focused, driven, committed and energetic. Jamie has a whole host of traits that have led him to where is he now; director of Perth’s multi award-winning Carbon Business Group. Coming from a property investment and accounting background, Jamie formed Carbon with a vision to provide businesses with a one stop shop for their core [...]

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Ep.32 Mick Devine – Calxa – a cashflow forecasting software company that has donated over $1M to grassroots organisations

Mick Devine is the CEO and co-founder of Calxa, producers of the leading budgeting, reporting and cashflow forecasting software in Australia and New Zealand. He’s an accidental accountant with a strong desire to solve problems.  One of his goals at Calxa has been to deliver software that makes life easier for customers, maximising the [...]

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Ep. 31 Peter Vessenes – ProfitSee

Subscribe to Episode 31 of Cloud Stories on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/cloud-stories-heather-smith/id908333807  Peter Vessenes has served as a high level corporate advisor since 1983. Projects that began with assisting presidents of Fortune 100 companies broadened to include mid-sized corporations, closely held companies, start-ups and capital formation. Peter is a popular platform speaker and a co-author of two [...]

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Ep.30 Paul Meissner – 5ways Group – Should accountants offer cloud integration services?

Subscribe to Episode 29 of Cloud Stories on iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/cloud-stories-heather-smith/id908333807  Heather: I'd like to start off by asking you what's the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Paul: Dangerous. I'm not much for danger to be honest. I'm not…it's probably…as an accountant saying the most dangerous thing they've ever done. I've done some pretty [...]

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