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Heather Smith can help your business deliver powerful, engaging and educational content, through guest blog posts, educational instructions, video creation, podcasts, and social media blasts. She hosts the #1 independent Cloud Stories podcast Cloud Stories, authored Xero for Dummies, produces easy to follow videos on her YouTube channel and hosts the Cloud Accountants and Advisors Meetup and Xero Mastermind Facebook group. As a chartered accountant and chartered certified accountant and certified Xero & MYOB software advisor she has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to talk about your business solution to the accounting and bookkeeping community.

Data accessibility of subscription-based services

When we're talking about subscription-based services, how long is the data accessible?   Once the data pushes into Xero or Receipt Bank, it stays there. You can, even once you cancel your subscription, you have a read-only access of any data that was pushed into Receipt Bank. You can still access it in Receipt Bank [...]

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What is an Application Programming Interface (API) and what does it do?

An Application Programming Interface is a key that unlocks connections. If you have two systems, and if you have an open API between them, it means the connection has been unlocked. They can now talk to one another. The information from the fields can now talk to one another. The information may flow in one [...]

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Solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence in the Marketing Industry – including 2 gamechangers for me!

Within the Accounting Industry we’re constantly bombarded with news about AI, or Artificial Intelligence; are we optimally using it, or will the robots take over our jobs? To get some balance and perspective on the topic, I scan how AI is weaving its way into other industries, such as the Marketing Industry. Are Marketing people [...]

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Deliver & Scale POWER BI as a Service in your Accounting Firm – MEETUP

Learn how to provide Power BI interactive visualisations and business intelligence reporting with a dynamic interface that accounting staff can use to create their own reports and dashboards. Host Heather Smith introduces speakers Cameron Lynch & Kevin Weigand, who will discuss the lessons they have learnt and demonstrate how to scale Power BI in your [...]

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Accounting and Bookkeeping events and webinars

Upcoming webinars: 4pm everyday Community supporting Community weekday support chats. Register here. https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_uhXmE4-fQc6HvazSzkBjNg?fbclid=IwAR3fWHinE8Y6YqwL6JxSmKWj2XDM4RrYSfjuL9ZPGs1X6rO9BA9D23yQu5k Upcoming Events: ICB Monthly networking meetings across Australia and New Zealand. ABN has Coffee Club meetings across Australia. Receipt Bank Exchange Sydney 6 Nov. NZQBA 2020 Bookkeeping Conference Auckland 7 Aug BGL Regtech 20 August - details here. First Class Accounts 20th Annual Conference [...]

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Automation in Practice Management workshops across Australia and New Zealand

This is a project I've been working on for some time now, and I'm excited to launch it to the public. Words can't describe how elated I am to be able to work with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand on this project as part of their #CACatalyst initiative. I'm an Ambassador for their [...]

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