People, Processes, Technology, Data – essential elements of a sustainable business

We've got some clients that have been going with us for over six years now and their team members are equally as good as any manager in Australia because they've been working for six years. One of our clients moved their Philippines team member who was doing SMSF work to Australia to be the [...]

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Ep.48 Lessons learnt from Xerocon South 2016

Following on from Xerocon South 2016 a powerhouse crew from Brisbane came together to discuss and dissect the lessons learnt from this conference. The panel discussion and the audience q and a was recorded and will be of interest to attendees and non-attendees alike. If you did attend Xerocon – it reminds you of some [...]

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Ep.46 Andrew Van De Beek – illumin8 – Gen-Y accountant interested in new business, original ideas, and challenging the flexibility of the cloud

Ep.46 Andrew Van De Beek – illumin8 – Gen-Y accountant interested in new business, original ideas, and challenging the flexibility of the cloud Today on episode 46 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Andrew Van De Beek. Andrew is a constant source of excitement at the illumin8 office and leads the [...]

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Ep.42 Greg Tuckwell – Achieving Platinum through Processes and Collaboration

Today on episode 42 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Greg Tuckwell who’s been the Director of Poole Group since 1993 and CEO of Zerobooks since 2013. Greg joined Poole Group after 6 years with C&L (PWC) doing insolvency and came to Poole Group to set up a Business management division. Three years [...]

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Ep.36 Geni Whitehouse – Even a Nerd Can Be Heard

Geni Whitehouse divides her time between working as a winery consultant at Brotemarkle, Davis & Co in the Napa Valley and writing, speaking, and tweeting about what some might consider nerdy subjects.  As a former partner in a CPA firm, two-time software company executive, and recent CMO of a tech startup, she has a passion [...]

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Ep.35 Blake Oliver shares apps he recommends for accountants, bookkeepers and his clients

  Subscribe to Episode 35 of Cloud Stories on iTunes In this episode Blake Oliver and I discuss his recommended apps for accountants and bookkeepers and his clients. I'm now using Overcast as my preferred app for listening to podcasts on my iPhone - it has a simple intuitive interface and as my iPhone is [...]

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Ep.34 Dan Schmidt – The Emerging Business CFO

Based Missouri, USA, Dan Schmidt has embraced Xero as the core solution for his clients. Dan likes to solve problems. He helps clients adopt a suite of cloud solutions that improve their daily operation. In the interview he explains how accounting provides a common language in business. The language can assist in effective communication across different business department. I first heard of [...]

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Ep.33 Jamie Davison – Carbon Bookkeeping – Xero Platinum Partners

Focused, driven, committed and energetic. Jamie has a whole host of traits that have led him to where is he now; director of Perth’s multi award-winning Carbon Business Group. Coming from a property investment and accounting background, Jamie formed Carbon with a vision to provide businesses with a one stop shop for their core solutions- [...]

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Ep.30 Paul Meissner – 5ways Group – Should accountants offer cloud integration services?

Subscribe to Episode 29 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Heather: I'd like to start off by asking you what's the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Paul: Dangerous. I'm not much for danger to be honest. I'm not…it's probably…as an accountant saying the most dangerous thing they've ever done. I've done some pretty dangerous [...]

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Ep.19 Blake Oliver – Cloudsourced Accounting – One of the first Xero endorsed US bookkeeping and cloud integrators firms

Highlights of my conversation with Blake Oliver One of the first US based bookkeeping firms and cloud integrators to be listed on Xero site Acquisition of Cloudsourced Accounting by Harshman Phillips & Company and in turn offering the whole package: bookkeeping, cloud integration, tax compliance and virtual CFO services An add-on needs to solve a [...]

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