Introduction to Xero Lesson plan

I've pulled together a draft Introduction Xero lesson plan which maps to Xero for Dummies and outlines the way I run my classes. You can use this as a frameworks for a group Xero training session. To access a copy in word format go here: Lesson Plan Introduction to Xero 2nd Edition To access sample data: BankSampleData [...]

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Tips for using Xero for Dummies during a Xero training course

I've run numerous short group Xero training sessions, using the resource I developed Xero for Dummies. Xero for Dummies is a comprehensive manual for any Xero training environment. It clearly explains how to use different aspects of Xero. In this blog post, I explain how I  use Xero for Dummies in a classroom environment, and [...]

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Introduction to Xero Training at Caboolture Hub

Xero Training: The essentials you need to know to use Xero: the online accounting solution. Workshop includes: • Understanding Organisation and Finance Settings in Xero • Overview of the Chart of Accounts in Xero • Entering customers and suppliers in Xero • Inventory Items in Xero • Sales Dashboard in Xero • Purchases Dashboard in [...]

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