Add-On Developers

Ep.4 Jared Armstrong – MinuteDock – building a time tracking solution that meets diverse needs

Highlights of my conversation with Jared Armstrong Internal collaboration tools Inbox Zero Providing a product that presents exactly the features, exactly the complexity that is needed for the specific business that is using it Subscribe to Episode 4 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Heather: Hello Jared. Jared:       How’s it going? Heather:        [...]

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Ep.2 Colin Hewitt – Float | Xero Emerging Add-on Partner of the Year 2014

Highlights of my conversation with Colin Hewitt Insights into pitching and attracting the right venture capital The impact on the business of working with an investor Experience of being part of the Xero add-on eco-system Forming CodeBase a co-sharing space and the Edinburgh start-up scene Float wins emerging Add-On Partner of the Year at [...]

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