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Ep.30 Paul Meissner – 5ways Group – Should accountants offer cloud integration services?

Subscribe to Episode 29 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Heather: I'd like to start off by asking you what's the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? Paul: Dangerous. I'm not much for danger to be honest. I'm not…it's probably…as an accountant saying the most dangerous thing they've ever done. I've done some pretty [...]

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Ep.28 Guy Pearson – Practice Ignition – Developing an on-boarding & management solution for accounting practices

Subscribe to Episode 28 of Cloud Stories on iTunes  Heather: Guy, who would you like to have coffee with and why? Guy: Wow! I would have said Steve Jobs, but obviously that can’t happen anymore. So, thinking about where we are right now, probably I would say Obama. If you ask why, I [...]

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Ep.27 Sonia Cuff – Computer Troubleshooters – Building a successful home based IT support business

Highlights of my conversation with Sonia Cuff Challenges and successes of Computer Troubleshooters Shifting her business to a 100% Xero practice How she successfully builds her brand and expertise whilst working from home Subscribe to Episode 27 of Cloud Stories on iTunes Heather: Sonia, who would you like to have coffee with and [...]

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Ep.26 Marcus Wilson – Surgical Partners – Cloud integration for practice management systems

Heather:                    So Marcus, why did you start Surgical Partners? Marcus:                     I started Surgical Partners to address a gap in the market. There didn’t seem to be any integrator services in the healthcare industry that I could see. There was certainly nothing listed on the Xero site. To be honest, I’ve yet to come across [...]

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Ep.25 David New – Building teams and growing businesses in superfast time!

Highlights of my conversation with David New  Addressing safety and security concerns in cloud-based practice Experiences and challenges in the software solution industry Building brand awareness and credibility His philosophy on achieving work-life balance Subscribe to Episode 25 of Cloud Stories on iTunes Heather:                   What historical figure would you like to have coffee [...]

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Ep.20 Lisa Martin – GoFi8ure – The world’s first Xero Hero

Highlights of my conversation with Lisa Martin Working with a mentor to develop leadership skills Quality Management in a bookkeeping business Social media, referral and paid advertising Building brand equity in a bookkeeping business New Zealand Bookkeepers Association and its role in New Zealand Subscribe to Episode #20 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Transcript [...]

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Ep.19 Blake Oliver – Cloudsourced Accounting – One of the first Xero endorsed US bookkeeping and cloud integrators firms

Highlights of my conversation with Blake Oliver One of the first US based bookkeeping firms and cloud integrators to be listed on Xero site Acquisition of Cloudsourced Accounting by Harshman Phillips & Company and in turn offering the whole package: bookkeeping, cloud integration, tax compliance and virtual CFO services An add-on needs to solve [...]

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Ep.18 Nick Hazel – Café Bookkeepers – the ultimate café cloud solution (Hint it includes Xero!)

Highlights of my conversation with Nick Hazel Benefits of focusing on a niche customer base Unexpectedly becoming a business coach in the café industry Xero plus other cloud solutions used in a growing bookkeeping practice The ultimate cloud solutions for cafes What an add-on solution needs to do to get in front of bookkeeper [...]

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Ep.15 Alex Falcon Huerta – Creating a 100% cloud accounting practice in the UK

Highlights of my conversation with Alex Falcon Huerta founder of Soaring Falcon Accountancy Technology used in a 100% cloud accounting practice Helping clients review future trends Where small business owners can look to improve profits How add-on solutions can promote themselves to accountants Subscribe to Episode 15 of Cloud Stories on iTunes: Transcript Heather:        [...]

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Ep.14 Saul Colt – The world’s greatest intrepreneur embracing the role of Xero’s Chief Evangelist

Highlights of my conversation with Saul Colt Ruffling feathers by being interesting, original and fun: the story behind the cloud writing about a cloud company and the levitating man Word of Mouth marketing insights Marketing advice for accountants and bookkeepers wanting to attract the right type of client How exhibitors can maximise their investment [...]

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