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Grrr #fail #15MWC #wordpress #challenge

 Just tweeted at 15:03 Starting my #15MWC #wordpress #challenge where I spend 15 mins a day on my wordpress site http://www.heather-smith.com.au/blog/. The great thing is yesterday, I left wanting to “ sort out my blog post page!” and it did just sort itself out. I need to remove the ability for people to comment on [...]

2017-11-17T13:25:17+10:00April 25th, 2011|0 Comments

Quick update of what I did today!

My 15 minutes of wordpress today involved activating all the plug-ins that I installed yesterday.  That only took a minute, everything seemed to happen in the back ground. I asked the twitter world what plug-in should I use to get social media buttons at the bottom of my page. The suggested SexyBookmarks by Shareaholic. I [...]

2017-12-25T04:51:00+10:00April 19th, 2011|3 Comments

Made by Miffy

Hello, It is 11:20 so quite tired, but just wanted to quickly update the blog. My 15 minutes today on wordpress involved installing 9 plug-ins that were recomended to me by Mathew Shift Computer Solutions. That only took 9 minutes which was quite pleasing. After you instal the plug-ins it appears that I [...]

2017-12-25T04:50:58+10:00April 19th, 2011|0 Comments
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