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I’m obsessed with how effective automation and integration can produce timely clean data, to surface information for brave, fast data-informed decision making. I’ve implemented systems, processes, and training for hundreds of businesses, resulting in improved financial management and informed decision-making. Better data, better decisions, better business.

Embracing my education background and solution driven nature, I empower, educate and support the community to positively embrace Accounting Apps through educational content. Notably: Accounting Apps newsletter, Cloud Stories podcast, Mastermind Community, YouTube channel and authoring ten books.

I was recognised on USA’s Accounting Today’s list of 21 influential figures shaping the future of the accounting industry.

Sitting at the intersection of accounting and content creation, I’m a strategic thought partner to leading AccounTech SaaS businesses worldwide. I’m curious. I absorb hundreds of Accounting Tech blogs and podcasts, ensuring cutting-edge knowledge and insights to inform and support the wider community.

Heather understands the vast accounting ecosystem app landscape likely better than anyone, is one of the most connected people across the entire industry, and most of all is a friendly, lovely engaging person who is always to willing to listen, lend a hand and help those around her in anyway she can. She’s built and supports a robust thriving community, helping to distill and educate those around her with the extensive amount of information, trends and updates constantly evolving and happening. If anyone can help and add value, Heather can!

Bryan Williams Director of Partnerships, Xero 2017-2022

There’s nobody I know that knows more about the add-on market place ecosystem than Heather.

Trent Innes,
Xero Managing Director – Australasia 2015-2021

There’s very few of us who actually like yourself, Heather, are independent, who are putting out their thoughts based on experience, and based on not necessarily being with a specific commercial bent in mind.

Matt Paff, Value Adders
AuNZ BizTech Predictions Blogger

Heather Smith is honestly the absolute oracle of anything that is coming in the market and up and coming in terms of Apps and I always rely on her to keep me informed. She’s brilliant.

Shaye Thyer FCA,
Intuit, Head of Accounting 2021-2023