Let’s talk about Accounting Apps

The free Accounting Apps Mastermind group is THE place to find and share solutions about Accounting Apps, automation, integration, business processes problems in the Market Place Eco-system. The support group is a collection of Advanced Accounting + Bookkeeping Advisors, Cloud Integrators, and Accounting App market solution providers and you’re invited to join if that sounds like you.  Read past discussions, answer questions, share free training events, feature updates and help the community on their cloud journey. This group is an opportunity to discuss, explore & share insights and STEP-UP your cloud journey with a team of professional experts at your disposal.

The MasterMind group is an global support group of 6000 advanced Advisors, Cloud Integrators, and Accounting App market solutions providers. Why only 6000? Great question. The group has been running since 2015, and has tight membership around advanced conversations.

You can click here to ask to join: however before you do, to keep the integrity of the group at a professional #MasterMind level there are some simple guidelines. Your Facebook profile avatar, INTRO and ABOUT information must be visible. I need to be able to see that you are not a spam account and that you are a Advisors, Cloud Integrator, and ecosystem or app market solutions, providers. You need to answer some questions to demonstrate your MasterMind level. Please make it clear why you want to join and who you are.  Yikes! Many applicants are not approved – see my comments below. Once approved, you may return to your default privacy settings.

Many tell me this is their favourite focused group for discussing the ever changing Accunting App world

If you are an end user this is not the place to ask general questions. Please buy one of my books or contact me directly https://www.heathersmithsmallbusiness.com/contact-us/ for personalised assistance.

Remember: Don’t try and sell your products, show us what they can do, and if we are interested, we shall get in touch.

To keep this group at a professional #MasterMind level, unfortunately, people are occasionally removed from the group – if you feel this has been done in error please contact me https://www.heathersmithsmallbusiness.com/contact-us/. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, but all members are keen to keep the integrity of the group as high as possible. Click here to join.