As an experienced and professional speaker and moderator, I collaborate with conference organisers, professional accounting associations and AccounTech vendors in the curation, development and delivery of relevant agendas, and actively source diverse voices from modern practices. Through two decades of consulting, learning, researching and networking,  I’ve gained vast insights, experiences and deep accounting industry knowledge. In turn, I’ve extensively shared my methodologies, business strategies and work–life balance practices through various forms of content creation.

I’ve been involved in hundreds of speaking engagements equipping future-focused accountants with the information and insight they need to influence and impact their community. I’ve spoken at all the leading Australian Accounting conferences, participated in several International multi-city roadshows, including Singapore, New York, Florida and Birmingham in 2024! I’m an experienced facilitator, panel participant, workshop leaders and have lead the world’s first and largest Cloud Accountants MeetUp group since 2015.

Examples include:

  • Delivering guest lectures on Cloud Accounting at Australian Universities;
  • Coordinating Accounting Technology in-person events;
  • Participating in 10 plus Accounting industry roundtables;
  • Hosting 15 plus ACCA The Practice Room sessions;
  • Spoken at 15 global conferences;
  • Hosted regular Community Chats;
  • Facilitated regular Lunch & Learn sessions with Accounting Apps.

To cherry-pick a few highlights:

Designed, developed and moderated ACCA’s Accounting for the Future Panel session “How modern future-focused accountants scope, select and implement best-of-breed accounting technology” with panellists from Barbados, Greece and UAE. With over 37K registered it was listed in the 2021 top ten ACCA webinars.

Designed, developed and facilitated 40 AccounTech Lunch & Learn sessions.

I’ve empowered numerous voices to talk on stage for the first time.

“A chameleon who can adjust the topic and talk to suit the audience, Heather brings passion, energy and engagement to the room.

Kate Montgomery, Event Director
Tropical Innovation Festival

Accounting Apps, Accounting Technology, AI, ChatGPT, Modern Practice, Small Business Technology, DEI, Community Building, Content Creation, Writing.

My moderation style is to ignite a lively discussion between panellists, surfacing their expertise, and keeping the conversation on track. I do a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure participants know how the session will run, and are comfortable in their role. Many panellists describe it as one of the best panel experiences they’ve participated in!

I’m regularly invited to participate in conference content advisory boards.  Alongside my knowledge of  trending topics in the Accounting Industry, and focus on DEI, I maintain a database of  speakers whom I can connect with suitable conferences across the world.

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Through over a decade of virtual consulting, learning, researching and networking, I’ve gained vast insights, experiences and deep industry knowledge.

In turn, I’ve extensively shared my methodologies, business strategies and work–life balance practices through various forms of content creation. If you’ve enjoyed my commentary and like to take it a step further, you’re invited to engage me as a business advisor or mentor. This gives you the opportunity to regularly access insights and brainstorm ideas with a cloud accounting expert. One-on-one mentoring sessions offer you an independent external source of support, encouragement, accountability and business advice.