I am a Strategic Thought Partner with many businesses in the Accounting Technology industry. A management and technology accountant with a deep understanding of how Accounting Apps can be implemented and utilised effectively to improve workflow and surface information useful for telling the businesses story and for data driven decisions.

Host of ‘Cloud Stories’ podcast, Author of multiple Cloud Accounting books, Editor of Accounting Apps newsletter: HeatherSmithAU.com.

I’m a FCA, FCCA, FICB, commerce graduate, registered BAS agent, accredited trainer, and sit on the advisory board of several business, and have run a 100% cloud Platinum business for over a decade.

I gained this insight from operating a consultancy in Brisbane where I offered full remote training, setup and support to clients. It didn’t matter where you were – I connected with you online and supported you!

I worked with micro and small business owners to assist them in implementing automated management solutions that allowed them to develop accurate management reports and generate timely and financial reports, that they could use and understand. Furthermore, I assisted them in harnessing technology to grow productive and profitable.

Insights gained from my clients’ work are woven into my writing, so my books and articles are brimming with lots of realistic, practical advice.

I’m the author of ten cloud accounting books including Xero for Dummies series of books and Learn Small Business Start-Up in 7 days.

I produce a popular accounting podcast called Cloud Stories; and I facilitate online Xero MasterMind FaceBook group which focuses on cloud business platforms, and I run the Cloud Accountants and Advisors Meetup which meets once a month in Brisbane at the River City Labs. I also regularly write and create content around these topics.

If you’re interested in my personal story here are a few highlights:

My parents came to Australia on the well known 10-pound boat fares from Britain. They landed on the Gold Coast, metaphorically speaking, and I grew up there, attending Broadbeach State School just near Pacific Fair, and then went to St.Hilda’s school for my senior years. To pay my way through university I worked at practically every hotel and restaurant on the Gold Coast from Sanctuary Cove to Jupiters Casino! After graduating from Griffith University with a Bachelor of Business, I spent the next ten years overseas. I was living the dream travelling between Europe, North America and Asia. I met my husband in England where I was an auditor and I counted his computer… During this time I studied my professional accountancy qualification with the ACCA. As I was moving about so much – it was the only qualification I could study anywhere, and had global recognition at the time – how things have changed! You can read more about ACCA below. While living in Singapore,  out of necessity I was an early pioneer of the Internet, embracing this revolutionary technology as a means of communicating with family and friends.

Returning to Australia, in time to enjoy the Sydney Olympics, I started working as an educator at Griffith University, Queensland University and various local training facilities teaching people how to launch and run successful enterprises and work with technology.

I felt like a bit of a fraud teaching, without doing, so I decided to take the leap and start my own business, so I could move from the theoretical world of teaching and research to understanding the reality of running my own company and be better informed to assist others.

I’m now focused on empowering organisations to embrace and effectively use technology and to move processes online, streamlining operations and freeing up their time to concentrate on running the venture.

 I’ve always wanted to be a writer. My grandad was a semi famous Jewish writer in the day. My writing style is exactly like his, though different subject matter. I have stories running through my mind constantly, and I am always scanning the various angles of a situation and understanding how it works and can be implemented elsewhere! My foray into writing brings me full circle. From teaching to doing to sharing, enabling us to lead the lives we want to lead and do what we want to do.

* influence * innovate * inspire *

Heather Smith Rod Drury Xero

Rod Drury CoFounder & CEO of Xero & Heather Smith author Xero for Dummies


The above photo is of me in a helicopter about to tour Auckland – it sounds exciting but I was terrified – I spent the whole time trying not to scream and squeezing hubby’s hand.


This photo is my dog Charlie taken in the Seven Hills reserve after a back-burn, in preparation for the hot summer. Within a few months it was covered with dense green foliage.


This was taken on the one day I took off while writing Xero for Dummies. I bought my kids a go in these balls. They could only last about 10 minutes – looks like lots of fun – but they said they felt sick!


Of course every family is defined by the stickers on the back of their car – here’s mine…I love the movies, and our family loves Star Wars.