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Heather Smith can help your business deliver powerful, engaging and educational content, through guest blog posts, educational instructions, video creation, podcasts, and social media blasts. She hosts the #1 independent Cloud Stories podcast Cloud Stories, authored Xero for Dummies, produces easy to follow videos on her YouTube channel and hosts the Cloud Accountants and Advisors Meetup and Xero Mastermind Facebook group. As a chartered accountant and chartered certified accountant and certified Xero & MYOB software advisor she has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to talk about your business solution to the accounting and bookkeeping community.

How to Elevate Your Conference with the Right Advisory Board

Advisory Boards Shape Industry Conferences Quality Advisory Boards have an important role in shaping industry conferences. I've found myself in the position to influence many conferences, and sometimes this is through joining an Advisory Board or a Content Crew, or simply a one on one call with an organiser. The Role of Advisory Boards A [...]

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Steering the Conversation: My Approach to Panel Moderation

As the panel moderator I’d like you to think of our panel as a relaxed, open conversation and that everyone's thoughts, experiences and insights are valid. I'll pose questions to spark a robust conversation, I'll subtly steer the dialogue to keep it engaging and on point. Focus on your fellow panellists; I'll incorporate audience questions [...]

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It’s been 19 years this month since I registered as a sole trader.

It's been 19 years this month since I took the leap and registered as a sole trader. Back then, I positioned myself to offer top-notch training in the Microsoft suite, Small Business subjects (including accounting of course!), and my specialty that brought in the big bucks: MYOB training.   At the start of each month, [...]

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I asked Chat GPT to describe my writing style

I used the prompt : Review and describe my writing style from the following three examples. I included an email I'd just written, a LinkedIn post from last week, and some copy from my website. This was the ChatGPT response: Conversational and approachable tone: Your writing conveys a friendly, conversational tone that makes it easy [...]

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Workflow Max by Xero is being retired. What are your options?

Xero have announced that they have decided to retire WorkflowMax (WFM) on 26 June 2024. This is a living central document, I'll keep updated with your options. A little trip down history lane. WorkFlowMax is a project management software that was founded in 2007 by Chris Spence and Gavin George, initially developed as a job [...]

2023-09-04T14:50:53+10:00March 25th, 2023|1 Comment
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