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Heather Smith can help your business deliver powerful, engaging and educational content, through guest blog posts, educational instructions, video creation, podcasts, and social media blasts. She hosts the #1 independent Cloud Stories podcast Cloud Stories, authored Xero for Dummies, produces easy to follow videos on her YouTube channel and hosts the Cloud Accountants and Advisors Meetup and Xero Mastermind Facebook group. As a chartered accountant and chartered certified accountant and certified Xero & MYOB software advisor she has the knowledge, expertise and credibility to talk about your business solution to the accounting and bookkeeping community.

Processes, Systems and Technology Accountants and Bookkeepers Can Use to Optimise Their Business

Here are some steps accountants and bookkeepers can take to systemise their business for efficiency and sustainability, inspired by a recent community chat - which you can watch at the bottom of the post. GETTING STARTED Start sooner than later and systemise everything. Start documenting checklists of everything, resources, processes, technology. Start writing procedures as [...]

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Virtual Presentations: How to Sound, Look and Feel Good

I’ve facilitated hundreds of virtual webinar presentations and here are tips I’ve picked up over the years for three areas: Your Voice, Appearance and Technical Set-Up. If you’re a seasoned pro, well maybe you don’t need these, and maybe you have some to share with me, to ensure an optimal experience for attendees. Voice Eat [...]

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When You Know The TYPE of Customer You Want To Work With, Everything Gets Easier

90's SuperModel Linda Evangelista infamously said, "We have this saying, Christy [Turlington] and I… we don't wake up for less than $10,000 a day." What Kind of Client Are You Prepared to Get Out of Bed For? Well, it may not be as dramatic as getting out of 'bed', but what type of client do [...]

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12 Questions Accountants and Bookkeepers Can Ask on a Discovery Call

Discovery Calls A discovery call is typically a brief conversation between an accountant or bookkeeper and their client to explore their services, see if they are a good match for each other, and find out what the client wants. A discovery call can ensure that you are on the same page, and help both [...]

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7 Blogging Tips to Celebrate Being Named One of 7 Australian Accountancy Blogs We Love

I just found out that the wonderful team at Float the cash flow forecasting solution have written a blog called naming Seven Australian Accountancy blogs that they love, and I was included in it.  Thank you so much to everyone at Float for including my blog in that I'm really appreciative of that, [...]

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How XBert alerts help refine the Chart of Accounts

Here’s a super quick video showing how I use one (of the many) features of XBert to help me refine the Chart of Accounts. The Chart of Accounts is the foundational structure of Financial Statements. Regular refinement improves overall outcome. This video explains how to undertake this process, and is hopefully something that can be [...]

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Networking in 2021

Before Covid 19 networking, hobnobbing, mingling and schmoozing were a natural part of our business lives. Overnight, we found ourselves restricted from attending in-person events. As 2021 unravels, I suspect we shall not return to large roadshows, or conferences anytime soon. However, in 2021, smaller intimate in-person events may fill that void for our own [...]

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Accounting Apps Newsletter 2020 Insights

An example of what the newsletter looks like I’m sharing with you insights from my Accounting Apps Newsletter analytics. My vision for the personalised bi-weekly Accounting Apps newsletter is to provide an informative, educational resource that’s an efficient and easy read for anyone who wants to enhance their Accounting App knowledge. The newsletter [...]

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