Dive into the world of Accounting Apps with Heather Smith, a Chartered Accountant with a flair for storytelling and the engaging host of the Accounting Apps Podcast. Explore the personal tales intertwined with tech, uncovering insights that offer you a competitive edge. Delve deeper into the Accounting Apps landscape and enhance your understanding. Hit that subscribe button now!

Guests include business consultants, accountants, bookkeepers, small business owners, cloud advisors, developers, cloud integrators and solution providers.

Each month guests share how they built their business and how your business or clients can use technology to be more effective and efficient. This may include exploring:

  • How you can implement and integrate business tools with your online accounting software to automate processes, improve productivity, and profitability;
  • How to build a business developing business apps; or
  • How to build a tech stack that meets your business needs or introduce your clients to them.

The Accounting Apps podcast, formerly known as the Cloud Stories podcast, has been a trailblazer since 2014 in the accounting and business podcast arena, celebrates a significant achievement of over 125,000 downloads. It’s distinguished not just by its content but also as one of the few podcasts in its niche hosted by a woman.

To help you jump in and find interviews of interest to you – here’s links to interviews with Accountants + Bookkeepers + Accounting Salon members

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