Data-informed decision-making Apr ’24

Most clients need a combination of gut instinct and relevant, accurate data to make good decisions. Here’s how you can help them make sense of the numbers.

Reclaim your digital space: Heather Smith FCA shares her tips for a tech spring-clean. Feb ‘24

In a nutshell, giving your digital world a bit of a spring-clean can do wonders for your gadgets’ performance. A lot of us could do with tidying up our files on both our computers and smartphones. Plus, it’s smart to have a strategy for managing your software subscriptions in a way that’s kind to your wallet.

What work devices should be on your Christmas shopping list and why? Dec ‘23

When I’m looking to buy something I’ll look at the options, what my peers are currently using and what the online reviews say. If it’s a big-ticket item, I’ll visit the store to check out the look and feel. I’ll also run a poll on social media to gather as much feedback as possible.

Red flags and clickbait Sep ‘23

I details how my close encounter with a phishing scam prompted me to adopt rigorous cybersecurity measures. I discuss my methods for handling software updates, password management, and utilising device tracking, highlighting the importance of staying vigilant against the ever-evolving digital threats in today’s world.

ChatGPT in practice Jul ‘23

ChatGPT is my new virtual assistant, brainstormer, an expert in any given topic, researcher and copywriter. If I want to have some fun with it, I can ask it to write accounting poems and jokes. It sits open on my desktop all day.

Calm, focused, organised May’23

Stay productive and focused through the use of boundaries, engaging in meetings and using purposeful calendar management, and apps.

Streamlining success Apr’23

You can use apps and technology to automate good habits and track your progress.

Are hybrid workflows all they’re cracked up to be? Feb ’23

There are benefits in working from home, but away from the office we may be missing out on learnings and colleague camaraderie. Just how easy is it to manage a hybrid workflow?

Don’t forget to pack the Apps Dec’22

With business travel back on the agenda, Acuity app guru Heather Smith FCA looks at some apps, technologies and gadgets you don’t want to leave out of your suitcase.

Apps that help keep trees in the ground Jun’22 

Using less paper is good for the environment and with an array of apps that offer a helping hand, going paperless couldn’t be easier.

The apps that boost your communication game May’22 

Good communication is an in-demand skill, but your route to clear messaging for humans can be helped with some apps and AI.

Want your work-life balance back? Try these apps  Apr’22 

Working from home shouldn’t mean working 24/7. Use tech apps to set boundaries that assist your productivity and wellbeing.