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Good update, thanks Heather. Yours is one of the few newsletters worth reading… probably because of the broad scope (which is interesting re overall industry trends) but also unique deeper insights shared by your network

– Matt McFedries CEO at Debtor Daddy – a revolutionary service that combines smart technology and the human touch to get your invoices paid, so you can get back to what you love.

I love all of your content and your contribution is absolutely invaluable to the industry!

– Eygló Björk at Glo Solutions – Cloud Solutions Bookkeeper

Very cool useful email, thank you! I know it’s a collection of your various bits and pieces but I genuinely think it’s knowledgeable and valuable.
– Kevin Wiegand dataSights

Thank you for providing an oasis in a sea of much confusion!
– Ed Leenders Footwear & Apparel NZ Ltd