The bi-weekly Accounting Apps newsletter is a must-read for anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge on Accounting Apps.

Tuesday and Thursday morning – Brisbane time, I send out a newsletter rounding up the best blog posts from the Accounting Apps community. t leverages artificial intelligence to sift through and collect content from the Eco-system Accounting App plus a few I hand-picked. It then tracks how you the reader interacts with the newsletter and uses that info to deliver articles that match your interests.

The result is an Accounting App email newsletter that is uniquely curated to you the reader every time. You the readers get interesting content you actually want to read. Plus if there’s a relevant blog you think I should be including, let me know and all subscribers can benefit!

I get it—your inbox is already flooded. Do you really need more newsletter subscriptions? This newsletter is one of those rare super-useful newsletters people actually look forward to receiving. It’s open rate exceeds almost any business industry standard. It cuts through the noise and delivers relevant insights and education. It actually save you time by curating and consolidating the most useful information from the Accounting App community in one place. People send me messages of thanks when they receive the newsletter.

Below is a recent example of the newsletter.

This newsletters showcases the best recent blog posts from the Accounting Apps community – using insights of your past behaviour, and predictive algorithms it personalises the bite size chunks knowledge and insights delivered in  to your inbox… sign up here!

What readers are saying…

Just a note to say thanks for these newsletters and all your do in the accounting space. I took on my role at Suite with no background in accounting and I can honestly say your branding, messaging and content comes across and simple, effective and genuine. It’s excellent!

– Molly Banister Marketing Manager, SuiteFiles

These are great newsletters, thanks, heaps of good stuff. Most newsletters I get are 75% worthless………..

– Donnie Buchanan – Cloud Accounting Consultant

I love all of your content and your contribution is absolutely invaluable to the industry! – Eygló Björk at Glo Solutions – Cloud Solutions Bookkeeper

Very cool useful email, thank you! I know it’s a collection of your various bits and pieces but I genuinely think it’s knowledgeable and valuable.
– Kevin Wiegand dataSights

Thank you for providing an oasis in a sea of much confusion!
– Ed Leenders Footwear & Apparel NZ Ltd

Good update, thanks Heather. Yours is one of the few newsletters worth reading… probably because of the broad scope (which is interesting re overall industry trends) but also unique deeper insights shared by your network

– Matt McFedries CEO at Debtor Daddy 

If you are an Accounting App with a great blog – let me know about it!

To be included in the newsletter, please send me the exact link to blog RSS feed. Please double check it before you send it to me!

Several hundred Accounting App blogs are already reviewed for inclusion in the newsletter. You can subscribe:

Here are some tips to help your blog posts be included in the next newsletter

  1. Focus on including technical information and insight.
  2. Make sure blog post titles are interesting, and can be clearly understood by someone perhaps unfamiliar with your solution.People reading your blog post may not always be on your website – it’s important the blog title and content are clear about what you’re referring too. For example:  We’ve made some updates to our colour scheme
    We’ve made some updates to our colour scheme at Solution ABC
  3. Don’t include personal names in blog post title – such as Tony’s Top Tips.
  4. Keep blog post titles evergreen, by avoiding dates.
  5. Ensure the blog post includes over 350 words of text.
  6. Attack posts are generally deselected.
  7. Space the publishing of posts over several days. That is don’t publish a full months worth of content on the same day, as it will only be considered for one newsletter.
  8. Include at least one strikingly visual image. Click here for free stock images.
  9. Balance out blog posts about your company, with what is useful for the community. Yes posts about staff members are nice, and help people understand your culture, however they are unlikely to drive traffic to your website.
  10. Avoid blog post titles like “We went to ABC conference” instead highlight a learning from the conference, and weave into the  blog post details of the conference you went to. e.g. “Capture negativity and flip it into positivity” is more interesting than “We went to ABC conference” and may lead the potential reader, to go to your website. It is rare that a post about a non-accounting conference would be included, so you may leave the conference aspect out altogether.
  11. Make sure all links work. Make sure all books automatically download. Seriously. Test them. Get someone else to test them too.
  12. Test if your feed works here:
The Accounting App blogs that have articles that are getting the most click thrus are:
I suggest you sign up to the newsletter, and see what sort of posts are included. If you think your post is not being included in the newsletter, you are welcome to send me the exact link to blog RSS feed. Please double check it before you send it to me!