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  • This is one of those rare super-useful newsletters people look forward to receiving.

Heather understands the vast accounting ecosystem app landscape likely better than anyone, is one of the most connected people across the entire industry, and most of all is a friendly, lovely engaging person who is always to willing to listen, lend a hand and help those around her in anyway she can. She’s built and supports a robust thriving community, helping to distill and educate those around her with the extensive amount of information, trends and updates constantly evolving and happening. If anyone can help and add value, Heather can!

– Bryan Williams Director of Partnerships Xero 2017-2022

Heather really is peerless in both her passion and knowledge for the Xero app ecosystem. She has broad and deep knowledge and relationships with many of the key companies, stays current with the latest offerings and updates from both new and established players, combining both genuine interest in the problems they solve, with real domain knowledge of how to ensure they work well with Xero and the accounting and book keeping community. She’s also a popular thought leader and networker across a range of channels including her podcast, her social media pages, and regular in person events, and a tireless advocate and champion for the ecosystem. I’ve known Heather for the best part of a decade and have always valued our opportunities to work together.Thank you for providing an oasis in a sea of much confusion!

– Nick Houldsworth Exec GM of EcoSystem 2017-2022

Heather’s ability to stay abreast of so many applications in the accounting industry is amazing. She is well connected and has great ability to communicate the value of cloud-based applications to a wide audience.
Heather has created an engaged community of cloud advisors in Brisbane and has connected many accountants with solutions to drive efficiency in their own practice and provide value to clients.
On a personal note, I’ve really appreciated Heather’s guidance and mentorship in regards to my own career.

– Ethan Cooney Strategic Partnerships at Ignition

Thanks for these newsletters and all your do in the accounting space. I took on my role at Suite with no background in accounting and I can honestly say your branding, messaging and content comes across and simple, effective and genuine. It’s excellent!

– Molly Banister, Marketing Manager, SuiteFiles

There’s nobody I know that knows more about the add-on marketplace ecosystem than Heather

– Trent Innes Managing Director Xero 2015-2021

Heather is honestly the absolute oracle of anything that is coming in the market and up and coming in terms of Apps and I always rely on her keeping me informed. She’s brilliant.

– Shaye Thyer Head of Accounting, Intuit

Currently, there are over 1300 apps available, and the number is constantly growing. This newsletter helps you understand the overwhelm and shares information about business tools and apps: how to use them effectively, and the best ways to connect apps for optimising your workflow.

  • Examples of automation and integration to help you understand them, and make informed decisions.
  • Case studies showcasing the best practice tech stack for accounting and bookkeeping practices
  • Tips and tricks to ensure you are using your tech stack to its maximum potential.

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