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Currently, there are over 1300 apps available, and the number is constantly growing. This newsletter helps you understand the overwhelm and shares information about business tools and apps: how to use them effectively, and the best ways to connect apps for optimising your workflow.

  • Examples of automation and integration to help you understand them, and make informed decisions.
  • Case studies showcasing the best practice tech stack for accounting and bookkeeping practices
  • Tips and tricks to ensure you are using your tech stack to its maximum potential.

Sharing recent Accounting Apps blog posts – using insights of your past behaviour and predictive algorithms, the newsletter delivers articles that match your interests. Bite-size chunks of knowledge delivered directly into your inbox. The platform leverages artificial intelligence to sift through and collect content from Accounting App blog posts, plus a few relevant posts personally hand-picked by me, Heather Smith.

The Accounting App newsletter is uniquely curated for you, the reader. The content you want to read.

I get it—your inbox is already flooded. Do you need more newsletter subscriptions?  Its open rate exceeds almost any business industry standard. It cuts through the noise and delivers relevant insights and education. It saves you time by curating and consolidating the most useful information from the Accounting App community in one place. It’s a valuable resource to get a bird’s eye view of what’s available in the ecosystem.

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Thank you for providing an oasis in a sea of much confusion!

– Ed Leenders Footwear & Apparel NZ Ltd

Thanks for these newsletters and all your do in the accounting space. I took on my role at Suite with no background in accounting and I can honestly say your branding, messaging and content comes across and simple, effective and genuine. It’s excellent!

– Molly Banister, Marketing Manager, SuiteFiles

Yours is one of the few newsletters worth reading… probably because of the broad scope (which is interesting re overall industry trends) but also unique deeper insights shared by your network

– Matt McFedries CEO at Debtor Daddy

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