Today on episode 47 of the Cloud Stories podcast I’m talking with Sophie Hossack. Sophie is the Australia Country Manager at Receipt Bank. Receipt Bank is the bookkeeping productivity tool used by 4,000+ accountants and bookkeepers around the world to increase their efficiency. Sophie was one of the first employees at Receipt Bank and has worked in three of the sales teams globally.

Receipt Bank
The leading accounting and bookkeeping firms around the world use Receipt Bank to automate their bookkeeping and deliver a world-class service to their clients. Receipt Bank is the award winning, venture backed software company with offices in Sydney, London & Washington DC.

Twitter: @ReceiptBank / @Receipts_Sophie
LinkedIn: @ReceiptBank

Questions I planned to ask Sophie Hossack

  1. Who would you like to have coffee with and why?
  2. For our listeners can you describe what Receipt Bank is?
  3. What are your memories of joining Receipt Bank in 2011?
  4. Can you code?
  5. You studied English literature what attracted you to working in the tech space and surround yourself with so many accountants?
  6. You moved out to Australia with Receipt Bank what advice would you have for someone wanting to move to Australia?
  7. We just had Xerocon last month – do you attend a lot of conference in Australia? Which ones would you recommend our listeners attend?
  8. What’s been one of your biggest challenges along the way since joining Receipt Bank?
  9. In his Xerocon keynote Rod Drury said that 9 out of ten transactions will be automated. Emmanual V Pitilis in his talk on the AI revolution said AI would replace bookkeepers. How do you believe bookkeepers should prepare and embrace the evolution of automation and AI?
  10. Don Grgic / Jane Cummins / Cathy Paul: When is RB coming out with line item extraction.
  11. For many smaller businesses Receipt Bank was the first solution on the market to offer bill extraction and integration with accounting solutions. There are new entrants in the market who are disrupting, with low pricing and additional features. How is Receipt Bank reacting to this.
  12. When Wayne Schmidt worked at MYOB in the UK – did you know him then? He was given one developer day per year to adapt to the English market – how does Receipt Bank allocate its developer days?
  13. How do you navigate working with a global team?
  14. How has a company culture been nurtured when you are growing fast, and you are based globally?
  15. How do you use tech in your own life to manage your work life balance.
  16. I’ll leave you with one final question: What do you look forward to doing most?

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