An API defines certain fields in that software that another software can link to. For example, the software might say, okay, you can only link to say our expense fields, but you can’t link to our contact banking details, for example.

This is the case both in the linking, and what it will enable to push in. So for example, Receipt Bank, when it hooks into QuickBooks Online and to Xero, when it links up, it pushes a bill, a supplier bill, it extracts the details, it pushes the details into the supplier bill, but it also pushes the document into the accounting solution. You can sit in the accounting solution, click a button and see the complete scan of the document. Whereas in MYOB, the document doesn’t come in, it comes in as a hyperlink, which you must click and then go back and see it in Receipt Bank.

It’s a different way of doing it. You get used to one way, and then you’re like, oh, why is it doing it this way? The good thing is, that even if you stop your subscription with Receipt Bank, you still keep the invoices in theory that you previously pushed through into your accounting platform, via Receipt Bank.