Xero Training Solutions

If you’re an employee, manager, small business owner, bookkeeper or accountant keen to learn Xero (the cloud accounting and bookkeeping software), you’ve come to the right place. I want to help turn Xero into a productivity engine for your business and empower you.

I provide a variety of training options to suit your learning style and budget. I’m highly skilled at explaining how to use Xero, and can help you understand your numbers and access insights to drive your business further.

I teach the core fundamentals and, from there, can then provide extra support in understanding specific areas. As an early adopter and certified experienced trainer, I’ve been empowering people in how to use and optimise Xero in their business for many years (I even wrote the book on it!).

Here are 12 Reasons why you should invest in Xero Training


Xero Migration

If you’re thinking of moving from MYOB to Xero, I can help you plan the migration and support you in preparing your MYOB file for conversion to Xero.

I’m insightful, fast and highly skilled at explaining how to use Xero. Working with you, I can get you up and running on Xero quickly. I’ll help you make sure Xero’s set up correctly from the start – and you feel confident using it. I can assist with setting up features like the automated bank feeds, plus I can provide one-on-one online and email training and support. Once we’ve set you up, I move to the background and am available as and when you need me.

If you’re thinking of moving to Xero but not sure where to start, I can help you set up Xero from scratch!


One-on-One Online Xero Training

You can fast-track your Xero journey with personalised online, one-on-one Xero training. This is the ideal solution if you want to tap in on specific guidance for your business’s needs. I connect with you via a secure remote connection, we both simultaneously see your computer screen, and either of us can operate the keyboard and the mouse. While you are in the comfort of your own office environment, we talk to one another (preferably via Skype) and I guide you through your Xero organisation, delivering training specific to your requirements. Accessing this sort of online support is super easy — even people who really struggle with computers have been able to successfully activate the remote connection on their computer and have benefited from the extra support.

If pre-arranged, the screen and audio for this session can even be recorded and provided to you via Dropbox (it’s a large file).

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Boardroom Presentation

I can facilitate a presentation on using Xero for your staff or clients in your boardroom. I provide training material and lead the training, while you and your staff can be as involved as they like. This is a great way to both introduce Xero and upskill your own accounting clients.

View details of the various presentations topics I can speak to your group about.


Books and Videos

If your learning style is to work through a book in your own time, Xero For Dummies, 3rd edition, is the perfect solution for you. It’s the definitive guide to Xero. Written by me and technically checked by Xero! You can read more about the book and buy your own copy here.

If you like learning via online videos, I suggest you start by watching the video ‘Introduction to Xero Accounting Solution’. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and work your way through the other Xero videos I have there. If you need to perform Australian payroll, you can check out the comprehensive two-hour Australian Xero Payroll video. Keep in mind that Xero is online, so some updates may have been implemented since I recorded these videos. It’s like learning to drive a car – the features may change (from, say, cassette deck to MP3 player), but the core aspects of driving are essentially still there. Watching these videos will also help you understand how I train and, if you need some personalised Xero training, you can book an online session with me.

Learn in your own time with my Xero for Dummies book


Tap into some Xero Magic

You want and need accurate and timely information in your business to help you make decisions. If you’re currently using Xero but feel you are not tapping into its full potential, I can assist with a data cleanse and detox, management report development, or cloud suitability scoping services.

Data Cleanse
and Detox

Are your figures not making sense to you? Do you think something is wrong, but just can’t work out what it is? Is a number hairball starting to overwhelm you and you’re not sure what to do about it? I’m not as freakin’ awesome as Ben Affleck playing BATMAN playing THE ACCOUNTANT in the best film ever – however, I am intuitive and insightful, and I can look at your Xero file and quickly identify any issues. I can also give you clear guidance on how to cleanse your data, or I can do it for you and leave you with instructions on how to prevent problems happening in the future.

I can help you fix up errors and implement workflows to ensure your business is producing reliable data.

Management Report Development

Are your financial reports not giving you the information you need? I can work with you to develop meaningful and useful business reports giving you visibility of the numerical data within the business. I can assist in refining the chart of accounts, establishing useful tracking options, customising reports within Xero, or integrating with Spotlight Reporting, a powerful business intelligence tool. Let’s surface internal data that you can use to drive your business.

Cloud Suitability Scoping Services

It’s quite a tongue twister isn’t it?! Essentially, if you’re contemplating adopting automation, productivity and cloud efficiencies in your business, then I’m one of the first people you should talk to. I have a deep understanding of many cloud solutions. I’m well placed to research requirements, and I’m connected to a global network of experts and preferred partners. This has provided me with insights into what works and what doesn’t work. I’m like a knowledgeable triage service: I’m a great listener, and have the expertise to work through initial discussions and quickly scope out your requirements. It may be that we simply need to rejig the current workflow in the business, or we may identify suitable automated and integrated solutions and map out an implementation plan.