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As a professional, I recognise the importance of remaining agnostic. As an expert, I curate technical resources that help the accounting and bookkeeping community achieve the best outcome for them. During my training as a For Dummies books writer, I was encouraged to mention solutions, and as the expert to simplify the journey for the reader. Once they are comfortable they can and probably are in a better position to explore other options. Prior to this training, every time I was asked a question, I would provide five solutions, I realise now, that is confusing. In the interests of disclosure and transparency I’m sharing with you businesses I may have a material connection with. They may have provided me with gifts (books, gift bag, swag), payments in kind (event tickets, free product access), or monetary payments ($$) in recent years.

Businesses I currently work with (as at Feb ’24):

Annature, Approval Max, Empiraa, Employment Hero, Fathom, G-Accon, MinuteDock, Synder, Translucent, WorkGuru, Weel, and XBert.

Businesses I’ve worked with in recent years:

Annature, Attorney General, Australian Taxation Office, A.Franco, B. Richardson, Best Practice Business School, BGL Corp, BizInkOnline, BMH Electrical & Solar, BOMA, ChargeBee, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, Chaser, CPA Australia, Clarity, ClearJelly/Managility Pty Ltd, Cloud Counting, Compliance Auditing Services, Cornish Accounting, CoSchedule, DataDear, dataSights, Debtor Daddy, DiviPay, Eclipse Wealth, Etani Business Platform, eTaxExpert$, Expensify Australia Pty Ltd, Exsalerate, Fathom, First Class Accounts, First Software Ltd, FiveGoodFriends Pty Ltd, Float App, GoCardless, Google Adsense, H&R Block, Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, Intuit Australia Pty Limited, John Wiley and Sons, Living Strategies Accounting and Tax, Microkeeper, MinuteDock, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Moula Money PTY, MYOB Australia, Neto, Newsmodo Pty Ltd, Officeworks Ltd, Practice Ignition, Practice Protect, Qount, Quiddity App, Receipt Bank Ltd, Spotlight Reporting Pty Ltd, Surgical Partners, Synder, Tanda,  TOA Global Head Office, ViberentHQ, Waypoint,, XERO Australia Pty Ltd, Zahara Systems Limited.

Activities I’ve done with these businesses may include:

Beta testing, Book writing, Coaching, Content consultancy, Event consultancy (for example listing upcoming events,  promoting them, attending them, sharing the content on social media), Intelligence, Liaising with accountants and bookkeepers, Marketing consultancy (for example reading through material to ensure that it resonates with the accounting and bookkeeping community, or providing expert commentary, or giving my opinion on a banner design), Meetings with team members (for example spending time with them to understand what they do, and the interface between what they do and the accounting and bookkeeping community), Mentoring, Messaging, Presenting (including presenting at their events, and at industry events), Referrals, Reviewing product, Speaking, Video creation, Webinars, Writing

My comments are not controlled or approved by these businesses.

Affiliate codes or links

An affiliate code or affiliate link is a specific code or URL that assists in recording the traffic that is sent to a website. I rarely use affiliate links. A typical scenario is I am speaking at a conference, for example,

The TandaHQ 2019 Workforce Success conference, is 26 July, Brisbane. Get 10% off tickets with the code WSC-SMITH-10

I want any event I’m involved with to be successful, so it is my way of supporting the event. The conference organiser can track how many people book through my promotion of the event. My hope is that they feel it is worthwhile having me involved in the event and will invite me back again. So there may be ongoing benefits from using the code, in terms of additional work.

I may also include affiliate links of products or services I like, that have an affiliate program. If you click through on the link and end up buying something, I may receive a commission. I’m happy to receive the income, however I never include a link purely for the financial incentive. If you do not want the commission to happen – please do not click through on the links. Google the phrases and you may find the site independently.

PLEASE as a result of this – don’t contact me and ask to put affiliate links on my website – the answer is no!

You work with my competition and never mention me 🙁

I try to include involve all Accounting Apps in the various activities I do, but it’s dependant on my capacity – there are only so many hours in a day.  To make it easier for me to involve you – provide me with an active blog link to appear in the Accounting Apps newsletter, join the MasterMind group and be active, attend the Cloud Accountant MeetUp groups and active. If you are seeking more support contact me via my contact form (I can not track all people who contact me via social media platforms) and we shall explore the options. Yikes! I do not mention solutions I have security concerns with.

If you have questions or concerns about any of this, or feel you need more information, such as who I bank with, or share ownership, please contact me via my Contact Page and I will happily respond.